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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 1.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 1.2
Overall User Score (22 votes) 1.9

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Console Obsession (Jun 01, 2010)
Counter-Strike is a superb multi-player title that is deserving of the huge amount of dedicated players the game has conjured up. For those with a Xbox Live account or System Link play, we highly recommend this as a essential purchase, for anyone else it’s a questionable buy that is only really worth checking out for the astonishing AI.
Counter-Strike is hard to put down once you pick it up. The single-player mode is enjoyable, though once you go online, you’ll have a hard time going back to working with bots. The maps are generally well balanced, making for a level playing field where skill makes the difference. Online, you’ll find all manner of opponents, from amateurs to seasoned pros. Mastering Counter-Strike is no simple task, as there’s a wide variety of highly detailed maps to learn. The graphics could’ve used more attention, but those looking for the ultimate in team-based gameplay need look no further. Some might find the PC version more tempting, but with universal voice support, exclusive levels and significantly less cheating possible on Xbox, it certainly has something to offer.
GameSpy (Nov 17, 2003)
Counter-Strike is a fantastic online shooter for the Xbox. In fact, it's possibly the best game currently available for Xbox Live. Conversely, the single-player game offers very little gameplay and thus the title will likely not be too attractive to offline gamers. But what the game sets out to achieve, it achieves quite well. If you're in the market for an addictive shooter that will likely have quite an online following, I can easily recommend Counter-Strike for Xbox.
Apart from now being on console, Counter Strike plays almost identical to its PC based version. Those who have played it to death on PC will love the new graphics, interface, maps and being able to use the headset to now talk to your team mates. If you haven't played Counter Strike at all and love a good fast paced squad based shooter then I definitely recommend picking it up. It might feel a bit much having to pay up to pay up to $100 for something you can download for free on your PC (if you already own Half-Life) but the Xbox version is definitely the best and a welcome addition to the Xbox Live game library. Not a showcase of the graphics the Xbox can pump out, but a great shooter that is loads of fun to play, and that's what counts most!
VGcore (Jan 03, 2004)
In Counter-Strike for the computer, the bots always seemed to know exactly where you were or exactly which bomb site you planted the bomb, which got quite annoying when they would often show up about five seconds after you planted it. Sometimes, they could get stuck and not know what to do, or go crazy and get about five headshots in a row. However, on the Xbox version this was greatly improved. The bots only know about as much as a normal human would know about the map, and not where the enemies are located. Also, I have yet to see them jumping in a corner tring to figure out why they are not moving.
Gamesdog (Jan 16, 2004)
Like the PC version this is a game purely for the online market. If you don't plan to sign up to the Xbox Live service then this simply isn't worth it. This game doesn't purport to be anything else than an online multiplayer frag-fest that it is. If you are an online player this is the classic game where it all started, yes there are more titles out there with better graphics and more options, but if you are after raw first person shooter you can't get better than this.
ToTheGame (Nov 26, 2003)
Without a doubt Counter-Strike is going to open the eyes of all those gamers who have never experienced it. But I suppose the big question is, if you already have the PC version why bother to get the X-Box version. Sure it might have new maps, better graphics, some added effects, but is planting down 50 bucks going to make you a happier person? It really depends on the person, as for myself, I really enjoyed playing Counter-Strike and if I was looking for a good FPS action game then this would definitely be my pick for the X-Box. If I had to decide which version is better I would have to choose the X-Box. It’s simpler to get into, less of a worry about tending to your PC, a cheat-free environment, and an easy voice-chat function. Though it might have lost a little of its oomph over the past five years, Counter-Strike still manages to be a ton of fun.
Though dated, Counter-Strike is a very fun and addictive game. Its strong gameplay is enough to make up for some of it's flaws. If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, who like me, missed out on the PC version, I would highly recommend getting Counter-Strike for the Xbox.
79 (Jan 12, 2004)
Selbst wenn man schon viele Stunden mit der PC-Version verbracht hat, macht Counter-Strike auf der Xbox immer noch eine Menge Spaß. Und Neueinsteiger mit Xbox-Live-Anschluss können sich bequem auf Wohnzimmercouch von den Qualitäten des Online-Krachers überzeugen und per Headset drauflos quasseln. Die Steuerung wurde überraschend gut an den Controller angepasst, dafür gibt's ein Extralob. Die Grafik ist eine mittelschwere Enttäuschung - trotz Detailtuning sieht man der Engine ihr Alter einfach an. Und den mageren Einzelspielermodus hätte man sich auch gleich schenken können: Counter-Strike ist und bleibt ein Multiplayer-Titel. Der macht zwar auch auf der Microsoft-Maschine letztlich genauso viel Spaß wie auf dem PC - wer es hier allerdings schon besitzt, spart sich den Kauf.
XBox-Zone (Dec 17, 2003)
Counter-Strike hat mich nie so fasziniert wie die schnelleren Arena-Shooter, bei denen man nach seinem virtuellen Ableben nicht ewig auf das Runden-Ende warten muss. Außerdem gehe ich bei Ego-Shootern gerne mit großen Wummen vor, ohne mich großartig um das Team zu scheren. Dennoch konnte ich mich nach einiger Spielzeit (vornehmlich mit und gegen menschliche Gegner) dem taktischen Gameplay und den ausgeklügelten Maps mit den zahlreichen Wegen kaum noch entziehen. Besonders mit erfahrenen Counter-Strike-Spielern an meiner Seite war der Lerneffekt am höchsten. Ruck, zuck waren schnelle Routen einstudiert und gegenseitiges Decken (beispielsweise beim Magazinwechsel) in Fleisch und Blut übergegangen. Allerdings muss man auch festhalten, dass Counter-Strike in die Jahre gekommen ist. Gerade technisch gibt es auf der Xbox wesentlich bessere Ego-Shooter, was Xbox-Live-Nutzer aber nicht vom Kauf abhalten sollte.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 01, 2005)
Counter-Strike bietet keine starken Veränderungen gegenüber der PC Version. Die Grafik wurde zwar leicht verbessert, ist aber trotzdem alles andere als schön. Counter-Strike ist für Spieler dank des sehr gelungenen Xbox-Live Modus und System-Link Modus interessant. Für Solospieler aber absolut uninteressant, weil es keine Splitscreen Multiplayer Modi gibt. Solospieler sollten also die Finger von CS lassen, während Online Spieler, denen die veraltete Grafik egal ist und die auf harte Taktik-Shooter-Kost stehen, sich dieses Spiel unbedingt mal anschauen sollten.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Nov 23, 2003)
It's a really cool multiplayer on-line game which is glitch free. But that's it. Enjoy it for what it is and try not to complain about the lack of bells and whistles. Try not to compare. (I sure miss my thermals, though.) When rating a game all things must be taken into consideration, on-line play, off-line play, the works. It could be said that Counter-Strike for Xbox would do poorly and get a low score, but the glitch-free on-line on Xbox Live is so sweet. Hmm, tough one.
XBox Front (Jun 21, 2005)
Keine Frage, auch auf der Xbox besticht 'CS' mit genialer Online-Taktikshooter-Action und hervorragend designten Arealen. Trotz toller Steuerung dürften die meisten User aber beim PC-Original bleiben, zumal auf der Xbox der Singleplayer-Modus kümmerlich ausgefallen ist und einige klassische Maps fehlen.
72 (Feb 23, 2004)
What better way to relax after going through some hard midterm exams than killing dozens of people in the wide cyber world? Many of you would grab their old Half-Life CD and fire up a game of Counter-Strike and I had the same plan. However, not being a Counter-Strike fan and not owning the needed CD gave me some logistic problems. In comes Fragland to supply me with a shiny DVD containing Counter-Strike for the Xbox. I could start out by writing a nice intro on how popular Counter-Strike is and how it set the standard for all shooters to come but I’m afraid I would bore you all to death because I don’t think there is a single soul that will visit Fragland and not know Counter-Strike.
X-Power (Jan 05, 2004)
Mijn vrees voor een zwakke overzetting bleef gelukkig een doembeeld. Het geheel is degelijk. De graphics mogen dan niet van het niveau zijn dat we zouden willen, de animaties van de personages is niet dat wat het moet zijn en ook het geluid is nog niet helemaal op punt. Toch is het beter dan de PC-versie. De uitgekiende gameplay zorgt ervoor dat het een verdomd verslavend spel is. De single-player stelt niets voor. De multi-player maakt die offline leegte dan weer goed. Het gebruik van communicators zorgt ook nog voor een surplus ten opzichte van de PC-versie. Nog voordelen zijn dat cheaten bijna onmogelijk is en dat er haast geen lag is. De scoreboards lijken me niet altijd even betrouwbaar, maar zorgen toch voor een beetje competitie, je kan er tevens zien hoe vaak iemand is gestorven en hoeveel hij er zelf heeft neergelegd. Maar mensen die de PC-versie helemaal grijs hebben gedraaid raad ik niet aan om het spel te kopen. Daarvoor biedt de Xboxversie niet voldoende nieuws.
70 (Dec 01, 2003)
On va faire simple : si vous avez un PC qui permet de faire tourner Counter-Strike (soit un PC qui ait moins de 5 ans), je ne vois guère l'intérêt de payer pour l'avoir sur Xbox. Pas d'améliorations graphiques, précision forcément amoindrie, pas de nouveautés. Si vous ne jouez que sur console, Counter-Strike vous fera passer d'excellents moments, mais pour le prix, on aurait aimé voir plus de modes de jeu et au moins un nouveau moteur.
Video Game Talk (Dec 31, 2003)
Without a Live connection, owning this game would only frustrate you and would be a waste of your hard earned money. However, those who have yet to feel the thrill of multiplayer madness might do well to grab Counter-Strike to sustain their death match desires until Halo 2 comes out and takes over the Xbox world.
Counter-Strike has definitely made a successful translation to Xbox. The controls are spot on and if you like how other FPS games, Rainbow Six 3, Halo etc. feel on the Xbox then you'll be happy with Counter-Strike. Some may be disappointed that the Xbox version is a little too similar to the free PC version and this is a fair point and it would have been great if some exclusive extras had been included (other than the AI bots). It's not completely deaf gamer friendly either and whilst the offline play is good it's not going to remain interesting if you can't effectively play online.
Så är Counter-Strike något att ha i hyllan? Jag tycker det, om du inte redan är ägare av en PC och av spelet. Counter-Strike till Xbox är ett bra spel som får sex glada, knappast pliktskyldiga, poäng av mig. Och tro nu inte för en sekund att de handlar om pruttar eller penisimplantat. Det är ett bra spel - inte mer, inte mindre.
Netjak (Jun 30, 2004)
Overall, Counter-Strike does hold up fairly well five years later, but it also shows its age compared to more recent realistic FPS games, like Rainbow Six 3, in particular. The relative lack of multiplayer variety, coupled with a disappointing single player mode, make Counter-Strike difficult to recommend to anyone who is not already a rabid fan of the game, and downright impossible to recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a Live account. However, despite its problems, Counter-Strike can be a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for some fast-paced, realistic fragging; just don’t expect it to do for Xbox Live what it did for PC gaming.
Overall the game would be much, much better if it had the single player campaign from the upcoming CS: Condition Zero on PC. It's certainly a visual improvement over the PC game, but I think the PC version is better, with more players, hundreds more maps and custom weapon and player skins. It does play well on Live but like I said not many people communicate and you find it's like playing against the offline bots anyway - hopefully it'll get better in time as all Live gamers get headsets. If you don't own Xbox Live stay away, do not buy - there are much better FPS available. If you do this will be a goodish addition to the Live collection, but far from essential.
Game Revolution (Nov 01, 2003)
Frankly, it's hard to recommend this incarnation to anyone who has already experienced the PC version, which is probably most of you since the game is so widely played. It's pretty much just the same exact thing. For those who missed out, you could buy Half-Life for half the cost of CS Xbox and download Counter-Strike PC for free. It's still Counter-Strike and can therefore still be plenty of fun, but the fire in this hole is starting to fade.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 28, 2003)
Counter-Strike should have come out with the launch of Xbox Live, and then I would have supported this PC port until newer games have come out. Sadly, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six 3 are better builds on the Counter-Strike idea. This game is easily accessible to all levels of gamers, but the true experience of Terrorists and Anti-Terrorists is better served up with Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Rent it and check it out.