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Xbox version

No, there's nothing wrong with your Xbox!
Everything takes place at Hal's Pizza, an eighties pizza parlor.
Games are displayed by category. Over sixty of 'em!
There are video features to watch.
You can view the original cartridge cover art.
Utopia, the precusor to "Sim" games (run a country).
Tower Of Doom, a dungeon crawler.
Carousel, a kid game designed to familiarize children with animals.
Games have production information, like who developed it.
Space Armada, basically a version of Space Invaders.
Each game category has it's own cabinet.
Space Hawk - shoot objects before they collide into you.
Star Strike. Looks similar to a popular sci-fi movie from back then, doesn't it?
Frog Bog - Jump back and forth, collecting bugs on your tongue.
You can choose "radical" game modes for each game, like flipping the screen upside down.
Each game has instructions, usually taken straight from the original manual.
Word Rockets - Shoot a letter into the oncoming word to spell a word. The more you get in a row, the faster the word scrolls.
World Championship Baseball, one of two baseball games.
Bowling - A, uhh, bowling game.
Slap Shot Hockey, my favorite sport title from back then.
The game has a built-in keypad to make it easier to select options, since the Xbox doesn't have 12 buttons.
Space Spartans.
Night Stalker - help free your character!
Bomb Squad - Cut circuits and wires to get clues to a code. You've only got thirty minutes to disarm the bomb!
Pinball, a really fun game.
Each game has a control scheme that you can view before and during games.
Shark! Shark! - Eat fish smaller than you for points, but avoid the sharks!
Thin Ice - Make your opponents run into your wall. Sort of like the Lightcycle's from Tron.