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At least more fun than the series. MAT (177346) 1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.5
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.5

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PGNx Media (Dec 12, 2002)
Dark Angel is a good game but it's a bit repetitious. It looks and sounds good, and handles well but there is something missing. The license adds a whole lot to the game, and fans of the show will enjoy this very thoroughly. Gamers though, won't find a whole lot of reasons to invest if they don't like the Dark Angel franchise. The Playstation 2 and Xbox versions are identical so the game can be bought for either console without missing out.
Dark Angel has all the makings of a good game, but somehow manages to fall apart very early. I admit, I was never a huge fan of the show, and maybe true fans will overlook some of the things that I found lacking. For me however, I found myself rather quickly getting tired of the game. If I were not reviewing the title, I would have put it away much sooner than I did.
Game Over Online (Jan 24, 2003)
Overall, Dark Angel could've been a very cool game. The initial premise of the show was a cool one, and one that should've translated over easily. However, repetitive gameplay, poorly balanced game mechanics and a lack of detail hampers this title significantly. If you're a fan of the show, I might suggest a rental to see if you're interested, but otherwise, you'll probably want to pass on this game.
GameSpy (Dec 07, 2002)
Dark Angel will not leave a lasting impression on anyone but members of the Jessica Alba "Stalker Club." It's the worst kind of tie-in, combining a feeble license with feeble game design, and expecting gamers to pay $50 for the privilege of suffering through the collective ineptitude.
56 (Apr 27, 2003)
Auch auf der Xbox ist die virtuelle Max nur noch ein Schatten ihrer selbst. Zwar sorgen die originalen Darsteller- und Synchronstimmen für authentisches Flair, aber die Atmosphäre der TV-Vorlage kommt aufgrund pseudo-cooler Einzeiler und der bescheidenen Story nur ansatzweise rüber. Zudem ist die Adaption technisch schwach und spielerisch unausgereift und vergrault mit strohdummen Gegnern, bockiger Kamerajustierung, ungenauer Steuerung und monotonem Spielverlauf selbst den treuesten Fan. Dark Angel mangelt es einfach in jeder Hinsicht an Spannung und Dynamik sowie eigenen Ideen, denn irgendwie hat man alles schon einmal gesehen - nur weitaus besser eben...
XBox Solution (XBS) (Dec 27, 2002)
While James Cameron’s Dark Angel came out with good intentions, it has fallen into the failed pattern of the TV series by the same name. There are redeeming qualities to be seen, so if you are a fan then check it out. It may be worth a rental, but it would be difficult to recommend anything other than that.
Game Chronicles (Jan 20, 2003)
Dark Angel manages to capture the look and style of the show perfectly, or at least the action and fighting aspects of the show. While Max may have only kicked ass for 5-10 minutes in any single episode that is all you will be doing for countless hours in near identical maze-like levels. If the game design were half as inspired as the original source material this would be an amazing title. As it is, we are left with a repetitive fighter that requires more patience than skill. A true love of the show or its leading lady may be the only thing this game has going for it in the end.
50 (Mar 03, 2003)
Voilà, tous les portages de série ne peuvent être réussis. Si au moins les combos étaient plus stimulants, on aurait pu passer l'éponge sur les énormes problèmes liés à la furtivité. Mais là, seules les fans trouveront péniblement un peu d'intérêt dans tout ça, pour l'histoire. Sur ce, je m'en retourne à mes ocuppations. Donc j'en étais à Jessica Alba +Wallpaper...
50 Games (Apr 17, 2003)
Dark Angel ist es mit Sicherheit Wert gespielt zu werden. Es eignet sich für jeden der es liebt einfach drauf los zu kämpfen. Man sollte nicht zu strategisch dabei vorgehen, sondern sich mehr aufs Kämpferische konzentrieren. Dieses Spiel hat mir Spaß gemacht, obwohl es etwas zu wenige Lösungsmöglichkeiten gibt. Es lohnt sich auch es in der Gesellschaft von Freunden zu spielen, da die Levels sehr kurz sind und die tollen Bewegungen auch beim Zusehen cool aussehen. Wenn die KI noch etwas schlauer wäre, wäre das Spiel natürlich um einiges besser, eine etwas spektakulärere Optik hätte auch nicht geschadet.
GameZone (Dec 08, 2002)
Plenty of cool fighting moves isn’t enough to save Dark Angel from its repetitious and boring cycle of fights and unoriginal design. Action fans take not--this game just doesn’t offer anything close to the excitement of the television show. You might just want to skip this one altogether.
IGN (Nov 20, 2002)
If it's not already abundantly clear, James Cameron's Dark Angel is a game with a good premise and some early indications of decent gameplay, but it also succumbs to a repetitious flow of generic levels, brainless fights and even less intelligent boss battles, all of which become so repetitious and boring it's hurtful to play them. In a time when games of such high production values and great intelligence are hitting the market (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Metroid Prime and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell) showing what's genuinely in store for the next generation of games, Dark Angel displays all of the charm and intelligence of Fighting Force 2, Frogger or Tomb Raider Chronicles. It's a game you'll quickly forget without much regret.
GameSpot (Jan 03, 2003)
Finally--not that this is really a complaint considering the quality of the game--Dark Angel can be finished at the default difficulty setting in just an evening of play. All in all, the development of this game probably should have been cancelled at the same time as the television series upon which it was based. Questionable design decisions, terrible implementation, and the apparent lack of faith in a project doomed long before its completion make for a game that is more frustration than fun.
Game Revolution (Jan 06, 2003)
Dark Angel will make a fine rental for hardcore fans of the show. It's got the real actors and the plot mirrors an episode of the show almost exactly. You'll be able to beat it in a weekend, easy. But for everyone else, this game really isn't worth your time sitting there hitting the Punch button just to see what Jessica Alba will eventually say next. This Dark Angel has fallen from grace.