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IGN (Mar 05, 2002)
Knockout Kings 2002 is a lot of fun and it looks amazing. It’s as simple as that. The one major complaint I can come up with is the roster of fighters. Most of the big names are still in the game, but it seems like we’re missing a few of the beloved legendary fighters from KK2001 on PS2. Other than that, this game delivers a fun experience that will have you perspiring more than you want.
Yes! Knockout Kings for the Xbox shows a marked improvement over the Playstation 2 version, with buffed-up character models, faster action and more responsive analog-stick control. Everything else, from the cool fighter-create functions to the awesome custom tournaments, remains the same. This game flat-out rules, and any fighting fan owes it to himself to step into the ring with Knockout Kings. Sorry PS2 owners, but I have to score this round to Xbox.
Gaming Target (Mar 20, 2002)
Knockout Kings 2002 for the Xbox is the latest, and with major graphical and gameplay renovations the folks at EA claim the greatest, boxing game to date. While Knockout Kings has always been a favorite of hard-core boxing fans, it has yet to hold the attention of the casual gamer. However, this could change with the latest version on the Xbox.
85 (May 21, 2002)
Abgesehen von kosmetischen Feinheiten gleichen sich die PS2- und Xbox-Versionen von Knockout Kings 2002 wie ein Ei dem anderen. Was die magere Anzahl an Spielmodi und die komplizierte Defensiv-Steuerung betrifft, hätte man sich zwar über Veränderungen gefreut, das ansonsten äußerst flotte und intuitive Gameplay sowie die makellose Präsentation sind jedoch auch auf der Xbox über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Vor allem die Turniere mit bis zu acht menschlichen Teilnehmern sind ein unschlagbarer Spielspaßgarant. Doch auch Solisten können angesichts der überzeugenden KI-Routinen und individuellen Kampfstile der zahlreichen realen und fiktiven Boxprofis bedenkenlos in den Ring steigen. Zwar ist selbst der mit Rollenspiel-Elementen angereicherte Karriere-Modus nicht besonders umfang- und abwechslungsreich, aber die Motivation stimmt im Großen und Ganzen auch hier, weshalb Boxfans nicht nur aus Mangel an Alternativen zugreifen sollten.
While purists may not like the slugfest style of gameplay, casual fans will love it. Throwing 600 punches in 5 rounds may not be realistic, but it sure as hell is fun. Busting up Butterbean with a right cross 3 times in a row and making him bleed is worth the price of admission alone. The final verdict on this one is simple: If you liked last years game but wanted a massively overhauled graphics engine, more punches, more fighters, and better sounds for this year, EA has done you well. Didn't like last years game? Then you won't like this one either.
GameSpot (Mar 08, 2002)
In the end, Knockout Kings 2002 is a great boxing game. It's not a simulation in the sense that it gives you the ability to do everything in the ring that real fighters do, like clinching, but it's a simulation in the sense that the game simply delivers a terrific interpretation of the sport of boxing. You can use finesse and box your opponent if you want, as well as go toe-to-toe--and the game's damage and stamina system rewards you for doing either well. The game looks great, plays very well, and offers enough of a challenge to last a while, which adds up to make Knockout Kings 2002 a must-own for any fighting fan.
GameSpy (Apr 07, 2002)
Knockout Kings 2002 certainly has its share of flaws, but it's still the best thing out there. Black Ops has created an outstanding engine that's full of potential. Hopefully the developers will make next year's version less arcade-like and implement more simulation aspects that take advantage of the fine engine. Like Rocky did in Rocky III, EA has totally changed its game to become the champ. Unlike the Rocky movies, I fully expect Knockout Kings to get even better next year
Worth Playing (Apr 02, 2002)
Knockout Kings 2002 features an all new game engine with the fastest, most intense boxing action in the series. Lace on the gloves and experience first-hand the thrills of boxing's biggest moments, most devastating combinations, improved mobility, dazzling footwork, crushing blows and the best looking boxers ever.
80 (May 10, 2002)
KO Kings change de formule et semble bien décidé à séduire un plus vaste public. De la simulation assez radicale on passe au grand spectacle façon arcade avec un titre qui semble totalement repensé ou presque. Cap sur l'action rythmée et intense alors que ceci se fait un peu au détriment de la technique même si les combats restent palpitants.
GameZone (Mar 20, 2002)
Although this may not be much of a compliment, Knockout Kings 2002 is the best boxing game I've played on a next-gen console. Die-hard boxing fans will enjoy it. I definitely recommend it as a rental, or maybe even a purchase. Everyone else should pursue with extreme caution. KK 2002 is a good game, but in a world where only "great" games are worthy of taking your money, "good" just isn't good enough.
Netjak (Apr 05, 2002)
On a visual standpoint, the 3D character models are flawlessly done. Hoping for a step up from the PS2 version; both are nearly identical. I appreciated the dynamically changes that took place during the matches. Facial expressions were effected by the games events, and if your guy took a beating; you could really see the damage that was done. Visuals also play a vital role in the game, by actually reading the expressions and demeanor of your opponent. Watching where they look, whether they look fatigued or are foaming at the mouth; all of these factor into winning a bout. The physics are near perfect, with fluid animation and hit contact. Landing a crushing blow will cause a chain-reaction that would be seen if you really did hit someone.
Game Revolution (Apr, 2002)
KO Kings 2002 introduces one very interesting concept - the option to play without health meters. Instead, the Xbox or PS2 controller will vibrate to simulate your boxer's heart rate. The quicker it vibrates, the more trouble you're in. This is a nice idea for two-player games as you don't really know what shape your opponent is in, though he does.