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Advertising Blurbs

    Kung Fu Chaos is a funny and broadly appealing brawler game, inspired by the quirky and stylised '70s Kung Fu movie era. You fight as one of eight characters, whose looks, moves and taunts are derived from the movie icons they represent. Your quest for movie stardom places you on the dynamic set of numerous classic films and when the cameras start to role, you fight with over the top, Hong Kong-style combat including leaps, flying limbs and multiple opponent style action. It's Kung Fu action for up to 4 players, set to the musical backdrop of appropriately themed anthems.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22317) on Jun 25, 2010.

Just Add Monsters Official Company Website (Developer):

    Kung Fu Chaos is the newest action extravaganza from director Shao Ting, whose previous films have dazzled audiences with non-stop barrages of thrown chairs, gunshots, explosions and broken limbs. This time, Ting is pulling out all the stops - raging rivers, hungry dinosaurs, alien invasions, sinking luxury liners... it’s almost too much to contend with. But you’ll have to, as well as simultaneously fighting ninjas, your fellow actors, and dodging exploding pigs, if you want to become the ultimate star!

    Kung Fu Chaos features a new truly 3D multiplayer combat system that allows up to four people to battle it out on huge interactive movie sets. The fighting features over-the-top Hong Kong-style combat with leaps, flying limbs and multiple-opponent action. Dodge the bite of the giant T-rex as you feed your friend a knuckle sandwich, leap from skyscraper to skyscraper as alien lasers fry your little sister and jump on the bodies of your fallen comrades as you scrabble to reach the last lifeboat of a doomed ocean liner.

    Kung Fu style Combat:
    • Pummel friends with slick combat moves, treachery, and taunts
    • Combat involves physical and verbal attacks (taunts) for added game play challenge

      70's Kung Fu Style Characters and Humor:
    • Characters are a witty reprise of classic 70's movers and shakers and traditional martial arts film icons
    • Each of the nine characters is designed to look, fight and hurl abuse in its own kick-butt manner

      Film Sets as Environments:
    • Twenty seven diverse levels in Ninja Challenge mode
    • A further 3 levels per character in Mini Series mode
    • Moving film sets provide dynamic and interactive environments in which to fight

      Accessible but Deep:
    • Rewarding and humorous fighting experience for first time players and non-fighting gamers alike
    • Characters possess a discoverable and diverse set of fight moves that can be mastered for added fun and competition

    • Features hallmark songs including Kung Fu Fighting, Enter The Dragon and others

      Six Game Play Modes:
    • Ninja Challenge: Choose an actor and fight your way through a clan of mysterious evil ninjas on a series of spectacular movie sets! You must play Ninja Challenge to unlock levels and characters for the other modes of play.
    • Battle Game: Choose a character and fight against your co-stars on the sets and in the scenes of your choosing. You can either choose to fight against AI, or up to 4 players can fight against one another on a single Xbox.
    • Championship: Choose a character and fight against your friends or the computer through all the scenes of the game to find out who is the ultimate champion. You can either choose to fight against AI, or up to four players can fight against one another on a single Xbox.
    • Mini Series: Choose a character and get ready for a wild ride! Each character's journey is different, and you never know which scene or options you'll wind up with. You have to win in each scene to advance to the next.
    • Freestyle: Fight in an open arena against AI or with up to 4 players on a single Xbox. The perfect place to perfect your Kung Fu technique.
    • Rehearsal: Learn the basic battle moves to improve your Kung Fu technique.


      Contributed by Indra is stressed (20719) on Jul 08, 2003.

    Back of Case:

      Big Fight!
      Much Action!

      Everybody is Kung Fu fighting! Choose from 8 groovy kung fu action stars. Play against 3 other people or go solo against the Evil Ninja Clan of Darkness. Rise to movie stardom by kicking butt and talking trash.

    • Taunt and tease your rivals to unleash your Super Attack!

    • Brawl on Kung Fu movie sets - but watch out for falling props!

    • Get your funk on to a 70s soundtrack with Kung Fu Fighting and the theme from Enter The Dragon!

      Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Mar 28, 2003.