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GameSpy (Jun 19, 2002)
Legends of Wrestling is sprinkled with many problems. Shoddy collision detection, unresponsive controls, and slowdown are just some of the issues. There are, however, some positives that help to overshadow the various evils. An awesome roster of classic wrestlers, respectable graphics, and a fantastic approach to combos and reversals make Legends a decent contender in a genre dominated by WWE heavyweights. If you're a serious wrestling fanatic, this is a must-have game.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Jul 26, 2002)
Legends of Wrestling is an interesting twist to wrestling games, it gives wrestling games a whole new aspect on how wrestling games can play, the only problem is it’s not as fun as we had all hoped! If you’re a serious wrestling fan then you may want to go rent this one!
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 21, 2003)
Overall, LoW is a decent grappler plagued by some control issues, graphical flaws and dull audio. Fortunately, the novelty effect of owning this title nearly warrants a purchase itself. Fortunately, owning it allows you to play some pretty good game modes and play as all your old heroes, so pick this one up if you want a decent wrestling game on the Xbox.
IGN (Jun 03, 2002)
Overall, gameplay is about fun, and Legends of Wrestling delivers on this count. While it might not be as deep in the moves and modes categories, it's got a good, arcadey, old-school feel. And it's a fun multiplayer game as well, a must for any wrestling title.
The Next Level (Jul 10, 2002)
Legends is far from being the worst wrestling title ever conceived. In fact, the franchise has potential to take the genre in a refreshing, new direction. In order for this franchise to truly take off, there's definitely a need for elements that enriches the fun factor, lest players will look towards other games such as Wrestlemania X8 or the upcoming Raw is War title in the works. It's unfortunate that a title featuring a well-rounded cast of wrestling "legends", couldn't have offered tighter execution. But with an upcoming sequel on the horizon, Acclaim is stepping back into the ready position, which should garner a substantial niche among the wrestling fanbase.
GameSpot (Jun 03, 2002)
Legends of Wrestling is definitely a new direction for modern wrestling games. It pits many of the greatest performers in wrestling history against each other as they vie for domination of their regional wrestling federation and compete for world championship gold. Fans of wrestling past and present will be pleased to find such moves as Hulk Hogan's leg drop and big boot, as well as Rob Van Dam's five-star frog splash and Van Daminator. Yet while the idea of playing as these wrestling legends is certainly appealing, Legends of Wrestling sadly doesn't follow through with a game that's as good as its concept.
45 (Jun 03, 2002)
Un titre qui pourrait se résumer en un seul mot : mou. D'une manière générale, tout est mou dans ce jeu des combats eux-mêmes qui manquent cruellement de dynamisme (c'est sûrement le plus gros défaut d'ailleurs) à la réalisation (les graphismes aussi ont l'air mous. A la fin, même vous vous serez mous à force de jouer (de toutes façons même si vous lachez le pad 1 minute vous ne perdrez pas)
Game Shark (May 29, 2003)
The game life is limited due to the sound and control issues that plague this great, in theory, title. It does have a good career mode where you have to beat the best to advance. The wrestlers you face are all very good and it is sometimes very tough to beat, especially at title matches. One of the highlights is the real Captain Lou Albano and "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, among others, manage you throughout the whole experience.