Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (Uncut and Uncensored!) Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Main menu
Opening start with, alas, only Larry's dream
Your dorm room
Looks like these two are distracted with the sounds coming from the other side of that door.
You can buy various helpful things at vending machines.
Your uncle Larry will occasionally give you a few pointers at what to do.
Mixing a cocktail.
Talking with other girls will require some reflexes as you progress.
Dancing is just one of the many quick-time events.
Tossing coins in the cup until one of your gets drunk.
Sally Mae loading screen
Finally getting a girl to your room.
Each girl conquest will earn you a token of affection.
Beatrice loading screen
Swingles is a local popular show which our hero will not miss.
Talking to Morgan in the library, she's good at the slapping game.
Analisa loading screen
Looks there's a constant party at the dorms
Barbara Jo plays nice and hard-to-get girl, so our hero will have to adapt.
Check your notebook to see open (con)quests and inventory.
Suzi loading screen
An exotic topless dance does not come free of charge.
Dirty streets district
Browsing the discounted items.
Nice streets district
If you want to test your dancing skills with Analisa, check out the dance club.
Morgan loading screen
Uma loading screen
Unlockable concept art