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Madden NFL 2005 (Xbox)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.0
Overall User Score (1 vote) 2.2

Critic Reviews

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UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
This is a great year to be a football video game fan. We are treated to two fine football games, but I would have to give the edge to Madden this year. Madden 2005 is more fun to play, and it has a more enjoyable all-around experience. All of the defensive changes made for this year make for a very interesting game. Madden 2005 is definitely the best game in the Madden franchise, and quite possibly the best football game to date.
GamePro (US)
Each season Madden NFL holds courts as the elite of the video game football league. This year even though the competition is fewer (no NFL GameDay or NFL Fever), it?s gotten tougher (ESPN NFL 2K5); and Madden NFL 2005 muscles up to compete in fine form.
There's a battle afoot on the gridiron, as two fearsome competitors fight it out in the trenches. No, they're not trying to get precious yards for a first down or a hail mary into the end zone, they're duking it out to get your hard earned money. ESPN NFL 2K5 stepped up to the line first, releasing their game two weeks before the originally scheduled date, and with a low price that's hard for most people to resist. On the other side of the line of scrimmage is Madden NFL 2005, the latest entry in the most popular sports franchise in the history of video games. So who deserves to pocket your cash? At the end of four grueling quarters, Madden NFL 2005 walks off the field as the winner, thanks to some of the best gameplay ever seen in a football game.
In conclusion, if you are a Madden-ite, no matter what I say in this review, you’ve already bought the game. For those of us that are looking for the one best football game each year, Madden isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close, and it’s definitely the top football game for 2005.
Still, when a popular, high-profile series makes a new release every year, pop-culture has most gamers pondering even more about the decision to shell out the fifty bucks to pay for possibly a near-exact title. Rest assured, the amount of features and improvements in Madden NFL 2005 will surprise even the biggest football enthusiast or typical hardcore Madden player. Surprising in itself? With the series’ track record every year – not at all.
Oh, EA Sports . . . how do you do it? Each year you make us pro football fans excited about the next Madden NFL game and each year we gladly surrender to its hype because we know we won’t be disappointed. This year Madden NFL 2005 is going up against its biggest competitor, Sega’s ESPN NFL 2005 for a battle to win over fans of the video gridiron. As a sport gamer obsessed with both games, it’s time to see which of the two really stands out as the very best.
In one year, EA Sports has done more to right the wrongs of Maddens gameplay past than in any time in the illustrious series' history. Play Madden NFL 2005 once, and you might notice the big hits and how aware all of the defenders are on the gridiron. Play it five times and you'll realize how defensive hot routes completely even out the field and that for the first time, maybe in any football game, it's not just fun, it's actually meaningful to D-up. Play the game 20 times and you really start to appreciate the brilliance behind the All-Madden engine.
Wham! gaming
While there are lots of competitors, there quite simply just isn't another football game that stands up to the standard Madden sets. If you love the NFL, you'll love Madden 2005.
If you must have only one NFL football game, I say spend the $50 on Madden NFL 2005. I think you will find yourself playing it for far longer than you would the $20 ESPN NFL 2K5. The best thing you can do this year is to get both though.
So who comes out on top; Madden or ESPN? It honestly does lie within each player’s preferences and what exactly they are looking for in a football game. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. One thing can be said for certain, Madden will always look, feel and play like the Madden franchise we have come to expect and accept. Madden NFL 2005 is no different than any of its predecessors in style and feel, but there are a bunch of new features, including Xbox Live, that do quite well to push the franchise forward. Personally, I really enjoy the authenticity and realism involved with Madden’s superior AI and gameplay feel. The hardcore Madden fans will love the subtle tweaks, fixes and upgrades throughout the entire game, and newcomers are in for a treat as Madden NFL 2005 is easily the best version of the game since its inception years and years ago. Madden is truly on a level all by itself, and it’s been quite some time since I’ve said that.
Game Over Online
Don’t get me wrong, because Madden 2005 is easily the deepest version of the successful franchise yet. A radically expansive franchise mode and an incredibly reactive defensive control scheme combine to make one of the best updates to a football game to date. Like usual, Madden usually sets a standard for other titles to follow, and the attention to the defense side of the game should be the new benchmark for other games to follow. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a newcomer to the sport, you should make sure that you get your hands on Madden 2005.
Es ist kaum zu glauben: In der mittlerweile 15-jährigen Geschichte der Serie hat EA es von Jahr zu Jahr geschafft, sich zu steigern. Dies ist auch mit Madden NFL 2005 nicht anders: Vor allem die Schübe in der Offensiv- und besonders in der Defensiv-KI sind bemerkenswert. Nimmt man dazu noch den mit „Storyline Central“ stark aufgewerteten Franchise-Modus und die erweiterten Steuerungsmöglichkeiten –die Einsteiger allerdings überfordern- zeigt sich Madden stark wie noch nie. Einzig die Präsentation hängt immer noch hinter den Kollegen von ESPN zurück. Und auch das Fehlen eines Online-Modus werden viele schmerzlich vermissen. Doch sei es wie es ist: Wer sich nur ein bisschen für American Football interessiert, sollte sich Madden NFL 2005 unbedingt zulegen – selbst, wenn schon ein Vorgängermodell im Schrank steht. Und wer keine Berührungsängste mit dem brachialen Rasenschach hat, findet mit dem Titel einen guten Einstieg.
Game Revolution
Madden NFL 2005 marks yet another excellent entry into the famous series, but doesn?t deviate much from the path laid out by Madden NFL 2004. It actually offers less new material than ESPN NFL 2K5, which struck a chord with its VIP system and Weekly Prep. However, Madden?s gameplay is more consistent and more solid than ESPN?s, especially in terms of playbook depth and passing, and ultimately that?s what distinguishes the champ from the challenger.
Xbox World Australia (XWA)
Despite the fact that some areas feel reused from 2004, and for some inexplicable reason Xbox Live support was left out of the PAL version, there is no doubt that Madden 2005 deserves its reputation as one of the premier sport titles available. If you love NFL gaming, don't wait, grab Madden 2005 now.
Game Vortex
So is it worth getting Madden NFL 2005? Yes, the new defensive adjustments, along with the addition of online play, make this year’s version a must have for any football fan. So if it’s a must have, why did you score it lower than in year’s past? The overall presentation was really upsetting to me. Namely, the poor commentary. I think the Storyline Central idea is something to build on for the future, but this year, I think it’s more of a joke than anything.
Madden NFL 2005 bietet durch die neuen Defense Finessen und den stark aufgewerteten Franchise Modus durchaus interessante Verbesserungen. Selbst Besitzer des Vorgängers sollten über die Anschaffung der Neuauflage nachdenken - alle anderen Football-Fans müssen sich das Spiel ohnehin schnappen! Der gelungene Online-Modus für PC, PS2 und XBox wird für alle angebundenen Spieler ein zusätzlicher Motivationsschub sein.
After you get used to the new defensive era of Madden, the game plays very well. It still retains that fun factor you've always known and loved. Although its franchise mode dives deeper than ESPN, the feature set doesn't suck you in and make you want to return as much as ESPN's cohesive package. If you are a multi-season junkie who wants to wring out every little drop from the coaching sponge, then Madden will be worth the extra $30. It's still a fine game of football.
Yahoo! Games
With Madden and ESPN sitting next to one another on the shelf, the $30 discrepancy might seem like a hurdle. But the defensive additions to this game propel it far ahead of the solid play and sleek presentation of the competition. Madden NFL 2005 is simply a stellar game, and one of the most compelling sporting releases to hit consoles this year.
Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. EA squeezes out even more nuances to make this year's Madden football better, brighter, and sincerely more interesting than we ever expected. Its new defensive tactics coupled with fluid gameplay make for a superb football experience.
Madden NFL 2005 is still Madden. That is to say, it's another superb game of football that continues Madden's long legacy as one of the best in the business. As the best-selling football franchise on the market for an umpteen number of years, Madden NFL is a name that is known by the masses as representative of some of the best football you can get on a video game console. Last year's Madden NFL 2004, in particular, is revered as one of the best installments EA has ever brought out--which ultimately makes it a tough act to follow. For this year's edition, Madden NFL 2005, defense is the name of the game. Nearly all of the additions and tweaks made to this year's game fall squarely into the realm of defensive football, and they're all great new features.
XBox Front
Es gibt Sportarten, die haben hierzulande eine lange Tradition. Tennis, Fußball oder auch Leichtathletik. Aber es gibt auch Exoten, die zwar mittlerweile eine wachsende Fangemeinde verzeichnen, doch im Gegensatz zu dem großen Sportland jenseits des großen Teichs, wo die jährlichen Finals wie ein Nationalfeiertag zelebriert werden, doch noch eher einen Underdog-Charakter haben. Zu eben jenen Sportarten gehört auch American Football.
I think Madden is a great game, but it doesn’t really outshine Sega’s ESPN NFL 2k5. Long time Madden fans should be pretty satisfied with this game, but it feels more evolutionary then revolutionary. The defensive improvements are a step in the right direction, but there needs to be more work on making the game more balanced. I also think that Madden 2005 has much farther to go in graphics, as there was very little change from 2004 to 2005. All in all, this game is good, but there is just not enough there to call it great.
Madden NFL 2005 is an extremely detailed sportsgame with impressive depth that will not disappoint the football fan, despite the lack of online options and some smaller issues. The realism and the fun that comes from the endless number of options, the AI and All-Madden mode is combined with excellent animations and an attractive Franchise mode. In short: this is triple A gameplay and a real must-have for gamers who know American football or for those ready to invest a lot of time in it.
2005 ne marque pas un vrai renouveau pour la série ce qui n'empêche pas cette dernière de se bonifier avec le temps. Les petits ajouts opérés ça et là rendent le gameplay encore un peu plus profond. Les fans de la NFL sauront apprécier. Les néophytes, eux, pourront toujours tenter de se plonger dans cet enfer dominical, à condition d'avoir à disposition un glossaire regroupant tous les termes techniques.
Game Freaks 365
The lasting impact of Madden is that it's fun to play. The franchise mode gives players a reason to stick around for a bit without online play. Those with online for PS2 and Xbox will be happy and addicted to the disease that is competition. Madden is one game that anyone can pick up and enjoy without any real skill. That is just about the best thing about Madden's fanbase. It is so diverse that you never know who you will be playing online. I recommend that if you want the online experience and familiar control scheme, spend the extra on Madden. With deep gameplay elements however, ESPN is difficult to pass up for its $20 tag. Let's hope Madden doesn't go downhill having any competition next year in the NFL game market.
Gaming Age
Madden 2005 may not be a total revolution over the past years efforts, but the additions added to the game are not just window dressing. The A.I. is better and more competitive, which leads to accurate box scores. The game play is tighter and more responsive. The graphics are good, but really need an overhaul, and the audio is standard fare, with some nice bright spots from Tony Bruno and accurate crowd atmosphere. The attitude of ?if it isn?t broken don?t fix it? should stay in the game play department, but when it comes to presentation and visuals, there is some fixing need to be done if Madden plans to keep their spot on the top of the football dynasty. With all the mixed reviews with some saying ESPN is the best, and some saying Madden is the best, this reviewers money is on Madden this year as to me it is worth the extra 30 dollars for what you do on an off the field. Make your judgments if you must.
80 (UK)
They're small gripes, but valid ones. But you should see past them, because ultimately, Madden is a sensational game in the literal sense, delivering unparalleled replayability for those with open minds. Americans do sport well, and this is the multi-million dollar spawn of that absolute truism. Don't care about American football? Your loss. Madden 2005 is worth every cent of admission.
At the end of any given Sunday, Madden NFL 2005 is a fantastic game with only a few issues. The graphics and sound, whilst acceptable, aren't anything to write home about, there is still some minor A.I. issues and Xbox Live was excluded from the PAL release. However, if online play is not a must, these things shouldn't stop NFL fans from choosing Madden as their preferred title for the 2004/2005 season.
Operation Sports
The pinball running, even if you can circumvent it much of the time with the Y button, as well as the aging game engine knock this game 10% for me right away. The quick-to-judge reader obviously won’t read this article in its entirety and realize that I believe “Madden” is every bit as good as “ESPN”. I didn’t review both, and both are extremely good games with flaws in different areas. “ESPN” and “Madden” are both 4/5 games for me for different reasons. However, if I had to drop my money on one game this year (and only one game), then that game would be “Madden”…
Gaming Nexus
SEGA affirmed what we believed all along, why pay full price for an expansion pack? Madden adds a couple of new features, but none of which are worth the hefty price tag.
De game zit echter ontzettend goed in elkaar, maar het is die ganse clash van culturen die het zo verdomd moeilijk maakt om een score op deze game te plakken. Mijn advies voor deze game, ga naar de videotheek en huur hem is voor een weekendje. Mensen die toch interesse zouden hebben in American Football, maar het liever een tikkeltje sneller en simpeler zien, kan ik ten zeerste NFL Street aanraden. Doe eerst een vergelijkende test alvorens één van deze games aan je collectie toe te voegen.