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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds (Xbox)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds Credits

Secret Level

DirectorJeffrey Tseng
ProducerLeif Jensen
Art DirectorChristopher Bretz
Lead ProgrammerJosh Adams
Lead ArtistKern Nembhard
Lead DesignerPeter Clark
ProgrammersJon Cortelyou, Al McElrath, Mike Humphrey, Owen Lockett, Taylor , Martin Robaszewski
ArtistsLouise Bell, Jay Fitt, Michael Friedrich, Clarence Johnson, Richard Katz, Christopher Kniffen, Jon Scott McBain, Ryan Savas, Laura Raines Smith
Technical ArtistLane Daughtry
PresidentJeremy Gordon
CEOJeremy Gordon
VP OperationsAngus Chassels
Director of DevelopementReeve S. Thompson

Special Thanks

Special ThanksMatt Schumaker, Ben Herrera, Otavio Good, Alex Theodoropulous, Steve Prideaux, Tondy Desangles, Rei Nakazawa, Micah Pearlman, Stacy Adams, Brie Welden, Jensen Family, Jennifer Rivas, Justin Jaeger, Peter Friedrich, Linda Friedrich, Red_Ridinghood and the Parental Units, Lisa Donahue, Jefferson Wilson, Hisao-Yi Lin, Tsend Family, Levi Humphrey, Sagia Humphrey, Joe Graf, Albert Reed

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jon Cortelyou (36), Joe Graf (127) and formercontrib (159961)