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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 2.9

Critic Reviews

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Consoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Un excellent jeu, mais qui présente quelques petits défauts de maniabilité et se frotte à une concurrence sévère en matière de Doom-Like sur Xbox.
GameZone (Nov 27, 2002)
An amazing experience from the very start, Medal of Honor: Frontline for the Xbox is still as thrilling as it was the first time around. For gamers playing this game for the first time, you will be blown away but the raw intensity of the action. For those who have played the game before, there is no dramatic change except for the phenomenal addition of the multiplayer games. This one is a real Must-buy either way.
The Medal of Honor series is not just a great batch of first-person shooters. They put you into the most brutal military conflicts of the last century. Frontline may just be the most intense, enjoyable history lesson you ever get.
87 (Dec 14, 2002)
Technisch klar besser als die PS2-Fassung und atmosphärisch immer noch einer der stärksten Vertreter seiner Art, kann Medal of Honor: Frontline überzeugen - zumindest im Einzelspieler-Modus. Sowohl die strikte Linearität als auch die hin und wieder auftauchenden KI-Schwächen werden durch das Leveldesign und die Film-Atmosphäre sehr gut kompensiert und sorgen für ein Mittendrin-Gefühl, das man in dieser Form höchst selten zu Gesicht bekommt. Der neue Multiplayer-Modus ist hingegen eine kleine Enttäuschung. Wenig Spielmodi und keine Bot-Möglichkeit nehmen dem guten Ansatz recht schnell den Spaß. Trotzdem gehört Medal of Honor: Frontline mit Sicherheit zu den momentan besten Vertretern des Genre und kann jedem Shooter-Fan bedenkenlos ans Herz gelegt werden.
85 (Dec 05, 2002)
Un titre tout à fait remarquable même si l'on aurait pu légitimement souhaiter qu'il apporte plus d'améliorations par rapport à la version PS2. Les joueurs sur consoles Sony n'auront finalement qu'à jalouser la présence d'un mode multijoueur sur Gamecube et Xbox.
GameSpot (Nov 14, 2002)
In the end, Medal of Honor Frontline is a terrific game that will satisfy anyone who is looking for a first-person shooter. The game's level and mission design are extremely well done and provide an ample amount of different activities, keeping the gameplay fresh from start to finish. The game's graphics, audio, and overall presentation are almost flawless in every aspect, which makes it one of those games that you'll want to pull out and show off to people. So if you're a World War II buff who's into first-person shooters, Medal of Honor Frontline is as good as it gets.
GameSpy (Nov 19, 2002)
The Xbox version of Frontline is resplendent with an all-new split screen multiplayer deathmatch mode. There's a wad of different characters, weapons configurations and levels to choose from and even though with four players on the screen, the game remains fun and very playable. It's a pity that online play wasn't figured into the deal, but that's something that'll probably happen for the next Medal of Honor game.
80 (UK) (Jan 06, 2003)
In the digital entertainment stakes, EA really has made World War II its own, and Frontline is its standard bearer. It's a long, spirited adventure with little to be said against it. Ok so the AI isn't perfect, some of the missions are a touch contrived and given the proper attention it could have looked twice as good on Xbox, but instead of letting that cloud our judgement we enjoyed Frontline throughout. If you're open-minded enough to kill low-poly Axis troops and don't mind being led by the nose, then don't let a clutch of angry graphics whores dissuade you: this is top fun.
Game Critics (Jul 03, 2002)
Frontline has a James Bond-style plot (except set during World War II), and this is where Frontline could have lost its authentic connection with the time period. It would have been easy for the game to spin into some tour of intrigue and deception, with World War II going in the background. It could have focused more on the sinister behavior of Nazi generals and weapons of mass destruction. It would have been easy for Frontline to fall toward the mythical side of the war. But gamers will see right from the start that Frontline is not only different from the previous two titles in the series, it is also different from anything they have ever played.
GamePro (US) (Nov 11, 2002)
Medal of Honor Frontline probably deserves a medal as a first-rate action combat in the WWII category. The Germans are tough, but you know the outcome already. This game smells like victory.
IGN (Nov 05, 2002)
It's too bad that Medal of Honor: Frontline couldn't have been reworked to make use of any Xbox-specific effects, or even better textures and models. This could've have been a really visually stunning game.
Netjak (Jan 21, 2003)
Frontline has slight edge over its PC counterpart in level design and cinematic style, though the graphics are not as sharp and the enemy AI is a lot dumber. The control setup is so different that the core combat mechanics are drastically changed (for the better, I think). The stripped-down multiplayer won't keep you interested for long, but there is still a good amount of great single player action here. As much as the technical shortcomings and weak mission objectives annoyed me, I felt compelled to fire up that mean, green machine and get one more level in before bedtime - and that counts for something. This game would make a great rental and a solid buy for someone looking for a quality run-and-gun FPS.
Thunderbolt Games (May 18, 2003)
Medal of Honor: Frontline is a solid first person shooter, but it suffers from lack of freedom and dated, PS2 graphics. The game's strong point is the presentation, which is very polished and effectively immerses the player into the WWII atmosphere. The audio quality is especially impressive. Gunshots, grenade explosions and other battle ambiance sound like they were taken straight out of Saving Private Ryan. Unfortunately, the graphics are poor by Xbox standards and actually detract from the game experience. Another issue with the game is a general lack of freedom.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 16, 2008)
Frontline isn't the landmark title it once was, but it's certainly a high quality war title for the Xbox.
X-Power (Jan 27, 2003)
Frontline is té nadrukkelijk een flauwere kopie van de PC game Allied Assault en smaakt als een opportunistische poging om wat geld binnen te rijven dankzij de huidige populariteit van de WO II fictie. Je kan MoH : Frontline zeker geen slecht spel noemen, twee of drie jaar terug zou ik het zelfs "goed" hebben durven noemen. Maar gezien het huidige aanbod binnen het genre op zowel console als PC, is Frontline simpelweg zijn prijskaartje niet waard.
Games TM (Dec, 2002)
Medal of Honor for Xbox was a wonderful prospect but the finished result is extremely disappointing. With such strong competition, we can't really recommend this.