Medal of Honor: Frontline Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Intro screen
Options menu
Start menu
You can select missions you have completed already at this screen.
You get a little background story & information before each mission.
One of the many loading screens
At the end of each level you will be given a brief rundown on your stats and if you are lucky you might earn yourself a medal!
This poor guy was blown to bits! (but there is no blood in this game)
Your allies always have a look of grim determination on their faces.
On one level you have to set the Germans up for a fight!
Hiding away in a dark crate.
Ammo is found lying around or taken from fallen Germans.
Canteens will restore only a little of your health.
Large medical kits can be found hidden away.
Subtitles allow you to understand what the Germans are saying!
The shotgun is a powerful close range weapon.
A melee attack will send your opponent flying.
Sniping is great fun in Medal of Honor!
It's best to get a clip in quick while there's a lull in the fighting.
The view of the beach for the freshly captured bunker.
The graphics are good in places.
This tank is a fierce opponent.
Fighting in houses can get tricky at times!