Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Main Title
Main Menu
Opening cinematic for Tanker Episode.
Snake is walking against the wall to avoid being seen by an enemy patrol.
Snake jumping around the corner and using radar to avoid the guard.
Dragging the knocked down guard outside the sight of his comrades.
Snake opening the hatch to the tanker holds.
Snake is peeking around the corner while carefully planning the timing for a surprise.
Heavily armed reinforcements taking out the legendary Snake.
Shootout with russian troops inside the tanker.
Most of dialogues will be held via nano-communication screen.
Sneaking pass the marines.
Raiden checking out the size of the locker.
Where are all these bugs coming from... time to cool them off a little.
Looking at the map.
Looks like Fortune is blocking the way out for Raiden.
Fortune versus Raiden, only bullets can't get near her.
If you wanna collect some dog tags, you gotta aim for the head.
Oops, stepped on a mine (although can't see how it was buried here), and red alert caught the attention of a few drones.