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GamesRadar (Oct 12, 2006)
Both the PS2 and Xbox versions feature well-mixed surround sound and surprisingly sharp graphics. Both platforms support widescreen displays, but Xbox owners can run the game in 720p. In return for a lowly 480p display, PS2 owners can buy a special Premium Edition that includes behind-the-scenes goodies and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for an extra $10. Doesn't matter - just get Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, because it's worth owning. It may or may not be the blood-soaked ending to the franchise, but it's easily one of the most enjoyable games in the series and one of the most unapologetically fun games of the season.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 24, 2006)
MK Armageddon is exactly what you would expect from the franchise’s final offering for this generation of consoles. With over sixty playable characters, kreate-a-fighter, and all the mini-games packed in you get more than your money’s worth. MK fans will drool with delight seeing some of their favorite fighters from every game packed into one arena. If you have never been a fan of the series Armageddon will not change your tune, but if you are an MK faithful such as myself you simply couldn’t ask for a better all around package to end the series on this generation of consoles.
Oh, and parents who’ve been living in caves for the last 15 years or so? This game isn’t for kids unless you’d like them to gorge on a diet of death, dismemberment, screaming, and half-dressed females. Your call.
85 (Nov 16, 2006)
Whether you’ve been playing MK since the first arcade game or have only recently started, this new edition definitely deserves a shot. A huge roster, create a character mode, new Konquest mode and a silly little race car mini game is without a doubt “bang for your buck”. The new fatality system is a breath of fresh air and the combat it still pretty solid. A good recommendation!
IGN (Oct 09, 2006)
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon may not be the definitive collection since it does leave some characters out, and some of the final endings may be weaker than others. However, the inclusion of 62 total warriors is a massive achievement. Throw in a fun, albeit short Konquest mode, a diversionary mini-game, a new fatality system, and perhaps one of the largest character creation modes we've seen, and you have a great title that will keep Mortal Kombat fans busy for months.
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is not holding back any punches. True to the franchise, it is packed full of gore, humor, and all of the memorable characters fans of the franchise loved (but that may have been absent from more recent entries). What the future and Midway have in store for this franchise is anyone's guess, but if this is the last hoorah, at least for now on the current gen of systems, this franchise is going out with a resounding bang.
Every character that has ever been impaled on spikes, cleaved in two, or flung into a vat of acid now has the chance to bloody their hands, exact revenge, and ascend a mountain of corpses as they show the world who the true victor of the Mortal Kombat tournament is. The series’ creator, Ed Boon, and his team at Midway approached the development of this game with closure in mind. The Mortal Kombat tournament that has kept fans captivated since its arcade debut in 1992 needs to end. Within this game, the final drop of blood will at last be spilled.
Game Over Online (Nov 13, 2006)
All in all, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is a flawed fighting, racing, and adventure game that never ceases to provide enjoyment in spite of its flaws. After the previous two 3D MKs left bad tastes in my mouth, I didn't expect to have much fun with this one, but I'm glad I did. Just about everything (especially kreate a fighter) exceeded my expectations, and while I doubt this game will sway those who hate the series, it will provide a lot of fun times for those with an open mind about it.
IC-Games (Nov 01, 2006)
Mortal Kombat Armageddon is the box-set of the Mortal Kombat series and just about every character ever digitalized for the series is available to use and of course abuse. It may be the parting shot for Midway on the current gen consoles but that hasn’t stopped their producing the finest hit of the series yet.
AceGamez (Oct 31, 2006)
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is without doubt the most comprehensive Mortal Kombat game ever. With the list of playable characters being so extensive, it will give the diehard fans a reason to go out and buy this, and the Konquest mode will amuse them for a while as well. For those who haven't yet experienced a Mortal Kombat game, I'd definitely suggest jumping on the bandwagon and having a play, and if you do this would be the best iteration to pick up. Like I mentioned earlier though, the Konquest mode won't last experienced gamers much more than a day and if you're not too fussed about having all the characters in one place then this will be more of a weekend rental. Overall it's a great package and well presented with stacks of extra content - plus it has more blood and gore than ever before, so if you're a bit of a demon and you want a game with blood, gore and violence, then you really won't find another game that'll scratch your itch like this one.
GameLemon (May 19, 2007)
Okay, let's wrap it up: Mortal Kombat Armageddon does not deliver on what it promises. It often feels more like a beta version of a game, full of glitches and underdeveloped segments. That being said, the main aspect of the game, the ability to beat the turd out of somebody else, is quite well done. It also has a few truly entertaining gems, like Motor Kombat and a rough but versatile Kreate a Fighter mode. This is enough to make the game worth your time and worth purchasing. But be warned: it'll prove to be a troublesome brat of a child at times.
The Next Level (Nov 13, 2006)
But that's okay. You're not here to race karts, you're here to uppercut your friends into fans, or to go online and scream into your headset in the Xbox Live multiplayer arena. Fans of this long-running series will really enjoy digging into Armageddon. It may still be one of the sillier franchises, but it goes above and beyond in its delivery, and will keep even the most obsessive players working hard at it for quite some time.
Darkstation (Nov 02, 2006)
This is the last game in the Mortal Kombat series for the Xbox, and although it has been a rough road for the MK series on this console, you can say that Armageddon was a bitter sweet ending. This may not the perfect game to bid farewell for the Xbox, but it definitely was one that left MK fans with a good taste in their mouth ready to see what Midway may bring us in the next generation.
GameSpot (Oct 09, 2006)
Despite the smorgasbord of different features, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon falls short of being a highly satisfying new entry in a long-running series that's decidedly had its ups and downs. Some older Mortal Kombat games, like MK Trilogy, have attempted a quantity-over-quality approach that might have seemed exciting to MK fans at first but winded up leaving many of them cold. On the other hand, sequels like MK II, MK3, and MK: Deadly Alliance substantially revised the characters and gameplay and were a lot more satisfying as a result. MK: Armageddon presumably will be the last time we get a Mortal Kombat game on the PS2 and Xbox, but if nothing else, you can tell there are still a lot of good ideas brewing in here. So with any luck, the series is far from finished.
Gamer Within (Nov 09, 2006)
If you are a fan of the franchise, this game is definitely a worthy purchase as you will want to reunite all your buddies and enemies. But if you haven’t played any of the previous games, you could be a bit lost at some stages by not knowing who anybody is (which helps when you come across old foes, etc), and if your not looking for the 1v1 but rather the storyline, then your paying for only about 10 hours worth of gameplay. This game is, really, mostly about the 1v1, so be prepared for that.
Cheat Code Central (Oct 13, 2006)
The sound effects are solid. The punches and kicks rival that of a well-recorded drum kit. You’ll find yourself getting into a groove. The music is moody and well suited to the action. Graphically the game could use an entire makeover. It’s dated. The engine needs more than an oil change and an air freshener on the rearview. While I appreciate some of the new additions to this version, it’s not enough to make me forget how much this game reminds me of Deception, Shaolin Monk and Deadly Alliance.
Gamer 2.0 (Oct 16, 2006)
After playing Armageddon, either as a long-time MK fan or someone on the outside who just wants to finally like the series, you just can't help but get frustrated with Ed Boon's approach over the past few years. The ideas and foundation are present to make a good game, and if the focus that went toward poorly-conceived extras like Motor Kombat had instead been placed on refining the still-shallow gameplay of the last two games, Midway could have delivered something truly special here. The end result is a game that will satisfy neither hardcore fighting gamers nor casual players outside the core MK fanbase. This is a fan game to the core, and can only be recommended to the most devout of the MK faithful.
GameSpy (Oct 20, 2006)
Chances are that MK:A will sell well just because of the Mortal Kombat name. This isn't a big travesty, as this isn't a bad game, it's just not a great game. There are much better fighters out there to spend your time with. As you can tell, the MK brand has dulled for me, but I know there are still plenty of people who continue love this franchise. I can't fault them for their dedication and there's enough MK action here to keep them happy for a long time.