MotoGP 2 (Xbox)

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 0.0
Overall User Score (1 vote) 2.6

Critic Reviews

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X-Power (Jun 13, 2003)
Het is de eerste keer in de X-powergeschiedenis dat een game de hoogste waardering verdient desondanks dat men altijd beweert dat het perfecte game niet bestaat. IJzersterke punten zijn er in overvloed: oogverblindende graphics, zalige gameplay , een uitgebreide en complete Xbox Live ondersteuning waardoor de levensduur vrijwel onbeperkt is. Is er dan niets waarop er kritiek te spuien valt? Nee, hoe hard ik ook zoek, ik kan geen enkele tekortkoming constateren. Het ultieme racespel op Xbox dus en ik vrees dat het wachten wordt op Project Gotham 2 om de klasse die werkelijk van deze titel afdruipt te evenaren.
Game Chronicles (May 20, 2003)
love racing games. I love racing. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know that I’ve raced in actual NASCAR and IndyCars and if I could find a motorcycle racing school nearby I would probably enroll today. Meanwhile, MotoGP 2 is the closest thing you can get to saddling up on a hundred thousand dollar racing machine and challenging the best of the best from all over the world - a definite must-have title for motorcycle freaks or fans of online racing.
Next Level Gaming (Jun 02, 2003)
This is the motocycle game to have. It's got the look, the realism, the feel, and the online play to boot. And it's all wrapped up in one box for you. So trade in those copies of Moto GP and get this as soon as you can. You owe it to your Xbox Live kit to get some racing in.
GameSpy (Jun 10, 2003)
While it does have a few minor problems, the positives in MotoGP 2 most definitely outweigh the negatives. What's here is well-polished and ready to impress. Whether you are a fan of the original or new to the series, you really cannot go wrong by adding this little gem to your collection. Just be prepared to set aside a good deal of time if you are a Live subscriber -- racing online can be quite the addictive pastime.
GameSpot (Jun 03, 2003)
In the end, motorcycle-racing fans will find very little to dislike in MotoGP 2. Arcade-racing fans will enjoy the astonishing sense of speed and need for lightning-fast reflexes, while simulation fans will enjoy the true-to-life depiction of riding a two-wheeled racing machine. The single-player mode provides a solid challenge that will have players coming back again and again to improve their lines and shorten their track times, and the solid implementation of Xbox Live support seals the deal on the game's replayability. To put it simply, MotoGP 2 is an outstanding game that belongs on the shelf of any racing fan with an Xbox.
88 (May 30, 2003)
Leichte Fehler bei der Übersetzung der Texte mal beiseite gelassen, hat Climax sich redlich Mühe gegeben, eine Fortsetzung auf die Beine zu stellen, die den Vorgänger in nahezu allen Belangen in den Schatten stellt. Im Bereich Grafik hat sich zwar nicht all zu viel getan, doch warum sollten die Entwickler auf Biegen und Brechen eine neue Engine aus dem Boden stampfen, wenn die alte mit einigen feinen Verbesserungen dazu gebracht werden kann, neue Höchstleistungen zu bringen? Spielerisch deutlich ausgewogener als der Vorgänger finden sich zwar auch bei den Spielmodi nur kleine Unterschiede, doch diese sind genau so sinnvoll wie die anderen kleinen Feinheiten, die dem Spiel hinzugefügt wurden. Nicht zu vergessen die Xbox Live-Anbindung, die Moto GP 2 zu einem absoluten Pflichtspiel für Online-Raser macht.
88 (Jun 11, 2003)
Moto GP 2 bietet zahlreiche sinnvolle Verbesserungen und einige Neuerungen gegenüber dem schon sehr guten ersten Teil. Das ganz große Aha-Erlebnis bleibt daher zwar leider aus, dennoch ist Moto GP 2 ein Traum für Racingfans, speziell für Xbox-Lve-Zocker. Durch das tolle Fahrgefühl, der sehr guten Technik und dem eindrucksvollen Mehrspielersupport ist das Game ein absoluter Must-Have. Besitzer des ersten Teils sollten allerdings überlegen, ob die wenigen Änderungen einen Neukauf rechtfertigen.
IGN (May 30, 2003)
Moto GP 2 is a game that will satisfy anyone's crotch rocket or simulation fantasies. The detail paid to both the physics engine and the graphics is remarkable and worth seeing if you crave realism. The fact that Moto GP 2 is essentially a Moto GP 1.5 means that those that already own the original have no reason to upgrade to the sequel. If you failed to pick up Moto GP, Moto GP 2 is a worthy addition to any racing fan's library.
Netjak (Jun 02, 2003)
Though I’m not a race fan, nor do I really like the games all that much, Moto GP 2 had enough entertainment in it to keep me busy through and through. I really wish that I have Xbox Live access right now, but since I don’t, I have to live with the single player and addicting multiplayer. Of course, I’m sure that multiplayer would be even more addicting once I got the game online, and the online might have been enough to bump up the score.
Vid sidan av fartkänslan är utmaningen den främsta anledningen att spela Moto GP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2. Den inledande svårighetsgraden lär knappast ställa till problem, men när man höjer ribban blir de datorstyrda spelarna betydligt skickligare, och för att hamn på pallen krävs det - liksom i andra bra racingspel - att man övar och lär sig banorna ordentligt. Har man dessutom tillgång till Xbox Live går det att spendera precis hur mycket tid som helst framför TV:n. Tävlandes, antingen mot vänner eller mot hårdsatsande främlingar med grava sömnproblem.
80 (Jun 11, 2003)
Voici un titre qui nous aura clairement emballés notamment grâce à sa compatibilité Xbox-Live. Si le jeu est globalement orienté arcade, même le motard pur et dur ou avide de sensations réalistes y trouvera son compte. Moto GP 2 est sans aucun doute la référence dans son domaine sur Xbox...
80 (UK) (Apr 06, 2003)
Oh, and if you haven't got any of that crap and transfer bytes via horse-drawn carriage, then MotoGP 2 is an exceptional single player and offline multiplayer racer in any event, that you would be better off buying than not.
Games TM (May, 2003)
After the feature-filled Moto GP 3 from Namco, we were hoping for a suitably packed reply from Climax, but rather than impress with the sheer amount on offer, Moto GP 2 impresses through pure solidity. This may be fine for now, but we just hope Live support doesn't become a substitute for standalone longevity.
Gamesdog (Jan 03, 2004)
With such a narrow market to please Moto GP 2 does a good job at the task in hand; ie offer a racing game that doesn't involve formula one cars or Porsche Boxers. The gameplay is easy to get to grips with and the other drivers offer enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes without getting frustrated. The frustration does come with the challenge of riding a bike in the first place. This is not the fault of the game in any way and unlike car racing the added dimension of being able to fall off rather than bump your way around the course will appeal to those looking for that extra challenge. Great if you a bike junkie else you might find interest waning.