NBA Inside Drive 2003 Credits (Xbox)

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NBA Inside Drive 2003 Credits

High Voltage Software

ProducerScott Slaby
Assistant ProducerMike Wang
Lead DeveloperTerry Wellman
DevelopmentPeter G. Lewis, Mark McNeill, Dave Perea, J. R. Scally, Frank Lee Wilson
Art LeadDavid Leung
ArtSteve Gehrke, Kevin Howe, Bryan Moss, Doug Petty, Thomas Robins, Scot Phillip Scott
Audio DirectorChadd Portwine
AudioFred Love, Timothy D. Schlie, Tim Stasica
CEO/FounderKerry J. Ganofsky
PresidentJohn W. Kopecky
VP of Software DevelopmentJesse Helton
VP of Creative ContentEric Nofsinger
Director of TechnologyBrett Bourbin
Executive ProducerKevin Sheller
IT DirectorRaymond E. Bailey
Engine and ToolsCory Bloyd, Steve Houchard, Chris McCue
Additional CreditRichard Bernal, Margaret M. Bohlen, Hal Bouma, Cedric Busse, Josh Dykstra, Brian McRae, Kenny Mehi, Mickey Monson, Paul Oppenheim, Boyoung Park, Erik Parker, Jay Powell, Lisa Wells


Program Manager/Design LeadDarryl M. Lewis
Game DesignerBrian Jackson
Test LeadFred L. Norton II
TestMoon Chan, Joe Djorgee, Isaac Hunt, Jeff Nelson, Chad Dylan Long, Erik Lundegaard, Bryan Sudderth
Art ManagerRachel Rutherford
Animation LeadBen Cammarano
UI Art LeadJeremy Jones
ArtSteven Chin, Kris Strong, Patrick Nichols
DevelopmentScott Briggs, Tony Cox
Content LeadMichelle Lomba
Content CreationBeth Demetrescu, Fred Northup, David L. McLean
Content CoordinationKirsten Andrews
Print DesignKris Beecroft
Audio Co‑LeadsJerry Schroeder, Andy Teal
Product ManagerJohn Rodman
MarketingBill Nielsen, Leslie Allen
Localization LeadJason Olsen
User Testing Lead/UI Design LeadKevin Keeker
User TestingJun Kim, Kyle Drexel
Product SupportScott Hirnie
Product PlannerTom Youtsey
LegalJama Cantrell, Jeff Koontz
LicensingJohn Pleas
Music LicensingLily Kohn
Music AcquisitionsPeter Davenport, Rita Boyd
ContractsBecky Bailey
Studio ManagerPatrick Cook
Planning DirectorDavid Malcolm
Group Program ManagerGiancarlo A. Mori
Development ManagerScott Briggs
Game Design ManagerSteve Schreck
Test ManagerJimmy Bischoff
Art DirectorJonathan Cowles
User Experience ManagerJeremey Los
Group AssistantsSusan Metters, Danya Hanks

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