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Gaming Target (Nov 08, 2002)
Finally, the sound effects of the game are done well, with the exception of one thing. You can audibly hear players talk trash and squeak their shoes on the court, and hear coaches belt out strategies and such. The problem is, being able to hear this so well means the crowd noise is dead. And it is. While the game is being played, the crowd sits on their hands and only cheers when a basket is scored; a far cry from the wild NBA Live crowd who really gets into the games. With ID 2003 it’s like playing in a silent arena – so quiet you can hear Kenny Smith blabbering about how good he was.
Game Chronicles (Dec 24, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive 2003 is the latest basketball to join the competition against NBA Live 2003 and NBA 2k3. Sega’s game is definitely a hardcore sim for serious gamers while EA’s game nearly approaches the NBA Jam series in it’s over-the-top arcade feel. After playing all three of these sports titles side by side there are some obvious differences, yet in the end, Inside Drive offers the most fun and intuitive gameplay of this year’s crop of hoops titles.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Ce titre de Microsoft propose de nombreuses compétitions paramétrables et délivre, en mode multijoueur, des confrontations agréables et intéressantes.
Sports Gaming Network (Dec 03, 2002)
Of the three basketball games, NBA Live 2003, NBA Inside Drive 2003 and NBA 2K3, I'm really not too sure which one I prefer more. They all have their good and bad points. NBA Inside Drive 2003 lags behind the other two in graphics, but plays as smooth as NBA Live 2003. It does not have as much options as NBA 2K3, but is getting there. Keep in mind this is only their 2nd attempt. I suggest you give NBA Inside Drive 2003 a try if you are looking for a realistic game, it may well be the basketball game you enjoy the most this year depending on your style.
With enough improvements over last year's incarnation to warrant a look, NBA Inside Drive 2003 stands as a terrific basketball game, and is easily one of the best on the market. Fans of the genre should consider however that this title is cut much from the same cloth as Sega's own, meaning that this will possess much more appeal to simulation fans than those who might be looking for a more cut-and-dried arcade feel. Still, if you're one of the former, there's quite a lot to like here, as the game delivers a terrific mix between on- and off-court action. Tack on a highly enjoyable announcer's booth and an intuitive interface, and NBA Inside Drive 2003 finds itself as a basketball game that's definitely worth your time.
84 (Oct 31, 2002)
Kein neues Spielgefühl, keine bemerkenswerte Grafikverbesserung - auch Microsoft kann sich nicht vor der Stagnation im Sport-Genre schützen. NBA Inside Drive 2003 bietet bis auf den lobenswerten Trainings- und Franchise-Modus nichts wesentlich Neues auf dem Hochglanz-Parkett. Die optischen Neuerungen finden sich in Details wie Seitenlinien-Animationen oder Schiedsrichter-Gezeter. Das Spiel ist immer noch höchst ansehnlich, einfach zu bedienen und voller Regelkomfort, aber es fühlt sich einfach nicht besser an als die 2002-Fassung. Hinzu kommen kleine Verschlimmbesserungen wie die wachsige Muskeldarstellung, kleine Ruckler und ein nicht zu erkennender Nowitzki. Wer den Vorgänger besitzt, sollte sich den Kauf des Zwillings gut überlegen, denn spielerisch hat sich nicht viel getan. Alle anderen können bedenkenlos zugreifen - vor allem Einzelspieler, die sich gerne mit einem Team beschäftigen, kommen dank des komplexen Franchise-Modus auf ihre Kosten.
84 (Dec 24, 2002)
It’s great to see that I was wrong all this time, you don’t need to be an expert in certain sports to enjoy the video games about it, knowing some rules is still handy of course. Maybe it’s time to check out the NFL and NHL series to see what I’ve missed all this time. Or maybe I just got lucky with this game, who knows…
GameSpy (Dec 26, 2002)
For the second year in a row, NBA Inside Drive finds itself as a silver medallist in the Xbox hoops competition. Despite the beefed up single-player game, Drive's lack of online play keeps it from taking top honors from Sega Sports' NBA 2K3. Seattle may be home to some of the best coffee in the country, but the best hoops title in the land still hails from San Francisco.
IGN (Oct 10, 2002)
I loved Inside Drive last year, but now it feels a bit stale. That's not to say it's a bad game, but it definitely is in need of some freshness. Certainly a good choice for anyone who doesn't like the heavy-sim feel of NBA 2K3, Drive won't disappoint first-time players. But if you were expecting a big update to the franchise, this isn't it. Instead, you will mainly get a good franchise mode and a stellar create-a-player option, but little in the way of new gameplay. The lack of online functionality hurts, especially the potential longevity of the game.
X-Power (Dec 30, 2002)
EA heeft de ervaring en grote naam aan zijn kant, maar Microsoft doet het met deze tweede worp zeker niet slecht, en als de volgende NBA ID iets meer updates toont dan deze editie, dan zou MS wel eens HET beste basketbalgame in handen kunnen hebben…
Gamesdog (Jul 14, 2003)
While this game will appeal mostly to those who know and love Basketball, anyone else coming into the fold merely wanting a fun sports game to play that isn't football is still sure to enjoy. This game is challenging on its own, but even more fun with friends. If you have a spare 30 quid and some time then shooting hoops is definitely one way to do it.
GameZone (Nov 10, 2002)
This game is perfect for stat junkies who like the RPG element of the create-a-player feature. Casual basketball gamers might want to look elsewhere as the gameplay could use a few tweaks. Either way, NBA Inside Drive 2003 is a good release from Microsoft.
Game Over Online (Nov 13, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive 2003 sports a variety of game modes, from Exhibition to Playoffs. Two key modes have been introduced this season, modes that should have appeared in the previous edition. First up is the Practice mode, which gives newcomers an opportunity to get a feel for the game, both in terms of button assignments and basic play execution. Even more important is the addition of a Dynasty mode, which allows aspiring GMs to lead their favorite club over a career spanning 25 seasons.
GameSpot (Nov 05, 2002)
The extra options, especially the franchise mode, succeed in giving Inside Drive 2003 the longevity that Inside Drive 2002 lacked, and the refinements to the gameplay make it more entertaining. The commentary is also vastly improved and worth paying attention to as a game progresses. However, Inside Drive still lacks some of the finer details of the sport as well as some features that are being offered by the competition, most notably online play. In any case, Inside Drive 2003 is still a solid improvement over last year's game.
75 (Dec 11, 2002)
En attendant la sortie de NBA 2K3, Inside Drive 2003 pourra convenir à tous ceux qui trouve trop speed NBA Live. Les modes de jeux nombreux et la réalisation tout ce qu'il y a de plus satisfaisant se mettent au service d'une jouabilité elle aussi de niveau. Du bon basket, en somme.
GamePro (US) (Oct 14, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive 2003 is a slightly better value than 2002 with tweaked gameplay and a few new features. The problem is that the competition has jumped ahead substantially within the same time frame.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 18, 2003)
NBA Inside Drive rightfully so sticks to all the rules and regulations of the NBA. They give you a bunch of ways that you can adjust in the game, you can turn down the overall ability of other teams, adjust the amount of fouls, you can customize almost everything about the rules and gameplay in Inside Drive, which is cool. I was getting ticked by the number of fouls I was getting for trying to snatch the other teams ball, this was weak... so I tweak! It worked out nicely.