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GameSpy (Feb 19, 2002)
An interesting concept for an action/adventure game with a deep storyline that evolves gradually, but it suffers from the scope of its technical glitches.
When I was tuned into New Legends, I enjoyed myself. When I died, though, there wasn't a fire burning inside me to avenge protagonist Sun Soo's death. I hate to say it, but the dearth of respectable titles on Xbox since the launch means this mediocre title is probably one of your best bets.
GamePro (US) (Feb 22, 2002)
New Legends is a game at war with itself. On one front, hero Sun Soo and his allies struggle against the endless hordes of the evil warlord Xao Gon in an epic action/adventure; on another, great ideas clash headlong with lame execution in a grand struggle for gameplay dominance.
GameSpot (Feb 19, 2002)
New Legends spent a long time in development. But after playing through it, you'll likely feel that if Infinite Machine had only had a little more time to work on New Legends, it could have easily been one of the must-have games for the Xbox. The combat is certainly fun, but not to the extent that you can overlook some of New Legends' other problems, like its camera issues and its short length. The game lasts only a little longer than five hours and lacks any extra features. Once you've finished playing the game, you probably won't have much incentive to play it again.
If I worked at a retail store, I'd place New Legends right next to Genma Onimusha. The catch is, I'd have a huge animated arrow pointing toward Onimusha that says, "Don't be a this hack 'n' slash instead" I chuckled at the cheesy plot, rolled with laughter over the buggy gameplay mechanics, and walked away with a tear in my eye. Mediocrity at its finest!
60 (Jul 29, 2002)
Gâché par une réalisation défaillante et par un gameplay trop pauvre, New Legends ne fait donc pas le poids face aux autres beat'em all de la console. A réserver aux joueurs les moins exigeants, et encore...
Gaming Target (Mar 14, 2002)
Every once in a while a video game comes along that challenges all conventions and makes the industry sit up and take notice. When a game like this is released, it makes the gaming world a better place and gamers everywhere revel in their good fortune. However, New Legends is not that game. Sub-par graphics, weak control, along with confusing and uninspired mission design add up to one frustrating experience. It’s too bad, really, as it seems possible that there was potential for a great game in here somewhere…unfortunately it just didn’t happen that way.
58 (Jul 01, 2002)
Die Anlehnung an das bekannte Prinzip von Koeis Dynasty Warriors und die Benutzung von zwei Waffen gleichzeitig hören sich nach einem interessanten Spielchen an. Doch New Legends bleibt in jeder Hinsicht hinter den Erwartungen zurück: Grafik, die Schwierigkeiten hätte, auf Dreamcast akzeptiert zu werden und dazu noch von massiven Problemen gebeutelt wird, gibt sich vergeblich Mühe, den durchschnittlichen Sound, die nichtexistente KI und die wenig Überraschungen bringende Story zu übertünchen. Ich weiß wirklich nicht, wo der Gaul mit den Entwicklern durchgegangen ist, aber ich hätte nicht erwartet, dass ein simples aber dennoch unterhaltsames Spielprinzip wie das der Dynasty Warriors so verhunzt werden kann.
IGN (Feb 20, 2002)
I guess it's pretty obvious by now that I just wasn't very impressed with New Legends. As good as the story and weapon variety is, the game is ultimately overshadowed by wonky camera work, uninspired voice acting, poor graphics, and repetitive gameplay. I could forgive the game if it were just the graphics that weren't up to spec, but New Legends just has too many gameplay problems to be worth your time. The Xbox deserves better than this, and so do you.
Netjak (Apr 05, 2002)
Thank God for rentals, because this is all the game deserves. A weekend renter is all you need here to experience everything New Legends has to offer. I highly doubt... no I promise you will never pick up the game once you beat it. Anyway, the game is a perfect rental and is well worth the four clams I laid down on it. I advise you do to the same....
Game Chronicles (Jun 09, 2002)
New Legends offers a great mixture of both ancient and futuristic China if you can look past the numerous technical glitches. While it's possible to enjoy this game for its gun shooting and sword slashing fun, it is with a heavy heart that I must classify this game as not worthy of purchase for your Xbox collection. At best, it is only worthy of a five day rental.
35 (Aug 08, 2002)
So then, I'm going to be harsh here. The game may have it's fans who like hack and slash style affairs, poor graphics and glitches, but I don't. If I see any more games with glitches and poor quality control such as this ever again, I will personally find the developers, staple their eyes open and make them play the game until they are truly sorry. You have been warned.