NFL Fever 2004 Credits (Xbox)

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NFL Fever 2004 Credits


Program ManagersJames Coliz, Ric Neil
Lead Game DesignerTom Rigas
Game DesignerBrian Jackson
Additional DesignKevin Keeker, Scott Plette
Development LeadOrest Zborowski
DevelopmentSteve Blanding, Daniel Cobban, Stephen Coy, Jonathan Haas, Steve Hollasch, Gabe Mares, Shammi Mohamed, Damien Neff, Jeff Spradling, Brian Stone, Pat Sweeney, Taisuke Tanimura, Daniel Weisman, Arnulfo Zepeda
Additional DevelopmentDaniel Adent, Alec Barker, Jim Geist, Ian Lewis, Joel Pryde (Excell Data), Kevin Shapiro
Test LeadFred L. Norton II
TestJeff Nelson, Bachir Babale, Joe Djorgee, Kyle Casperson (Volt), Gavin Kennedy (Volt), Collin Moore (Volt), Chris Shaules (Volt), Aaron Smith (Volt)
Visual Art LeadRory Reich
Technical Art LeadBen Cammarano
ArtRod Chang, Brenda Diaz, Kirk DeGrasse, Jeff DuLong, Ian Gilliland, Kaari King, Kyo Ladopoulos, Kevin Loza, Andy McCulloch, Christie Moon, Kathy O'Keefe, Scott Swan, Steven Chin (ArtSource), Tim Darragh (ArtSource), Dane Egenes (S&T Onsite), Burr Johnson (ArtSource), Anthony Kwan (ArtSource), David K. McCormack (ArtSource), Nick Vona (ArtSource)
Audio DirectorPaul Sebastien
Audio LeadGus Apostol
AudioJerry Schroeder, Ken Kato, Tawm Perkowski (ArtSource), Ben Decker (S&T Onsite), Duane Decker, Peter Comley
Sound DesignJerry Schroeder, Ken Kato, Tawm Perkowski (ArtSource), Ben Decker (S&T Onsite), Duane Decker, Peter Comley
MusicJerry Schroeder, Ken Kato, Tawm Perkowski (ArtSource), Ben Decker (S&T Onsite), Duane Decker, Peter Comley
Content LeadCraig Playstead
Content CreationMichelle Lomba, Beth Demetrescu, David L. McLean (Volt), Greg Collins (Volt)
Principle Voice TalentKevin Calabro, Ron Pitts, Randy Rowland (Dr.)
Print DesignChris Lassen
Product PlannerTom Youtsey
Lead Product ManagerJohn Rodman
Assoc. Product ManagerBrandon Stander
PackagingLaura Kleinhofs
User Testing SpecialistsRamon Romero, Keith Steury
User Testing AssistantJose Guajardo (Excell Data)
Localization Program MgrDavid Serra (S&T Onsite)
Product SupportSteven Kastner
LegalJama Cantrell, TiAnna Jones, Sue Stickney, Patricia Doyle, Judy Weston
Music AcquisitionsLily Kohn, Peter Davenport
ContractsRita Boyd
Studio ManagerKevin Browne
Group Program ManagerGiancarlo A. Mori
Development ManagerScott Briggs
Game Design ManagerSteve Schreck
Art DirectorJonathan Cowles
Planning DirectorDavid Malcolm
Creative DirectorPatrick Cook
User Experience ManagerJeremy Los
Group Product ManagerDarren Steele
Group AssistantsKristen Miyake, Chanté Gonzales
Special ThanksEd Fries, Shane Kim, James Miller, Jo Tyo, Matthew Whiting, Peyton Manning, Tim Langley, LaShun Lawson, The localization teams in Redmond and Dublin, All the MGS Sports developers

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