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NFL Street 2 (Xbox)

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NFL Street 2 is a great sequel to NFL Street, and shouldn’t be missed out by anyone who was a fan of the original NFL Street. Delivering more action then before while still retaining what the series is made popular for, NFL Street 2 looks to be just as successful as NFL Street. Also, the sheer volume of the game is immense in size, adding up to many hours of play time, especially for XBox owners with XBox Live. Even for GameCube owners there is a lot to be had here, and all of it is nicely implemented. EA has done a great job with the series thus far, and we can only hope that the NFL Street series remains strong. Highly recommended.
Arcade Fans kommen bei NFL Street 2 voll auf ihre Kosten. Simulationsfans sollten bei diesem Titel dagegen lieber die Finger vom Gamepad lassen. NFL Street 2 ist ein reinrassiges Arcade Vergnügen, das im Detail verbessert wurde. Die Spiel-Action wurde kompromisslos auf Spaß und spektakuläre Szenen getrimmt - wer bereit ist, sich auf diese im positiven Sinne "oberflächliche" Interpretation des Sports einzulassen, ist mit NFL Street 2 sehr gut bedient.
NFL Street 2 proves once again that the sport of football can make a successful move over to the “street” scene, but there are many areas that need improvement if the series is going to prosper. The single-player game modes are still repetitive and only the most diehard baller will put the time in to fully complete the game. The new game modes (Own the City, NFL Gauntlet, etc.) add some depth, but they still boil down to doing a bunch of challenges and games over and over to build up your team. Multiplayer gameplay however is where NFL Street 2 shines. Whether you’re playing with a group of buds offline or take your game online, this is where most of your time should be spent. If you’re looking for an outlandish form of football to share with your friends, then NFL Street 2 will work quite nicely. Other sports gamers might want to give it a rent to see if its style fits their tastes.
Ultimately, NFL Street 2 is every bit better than the original, and in many shiny ways. The multiplayer is a blast, it looks great, the game modes are expanded exponentially over the first, and the game dances on the fine line of being fairly realistic without being too over-the-top crazy. We know the NFL will never shed its No Fun League image -- but this is a step forward for all those that prefer to high step their way into the end zone.
Eigentlich bietet NFL Street 2 gegenüber seinem Vorgänger ja eine ganze Reihe unterhaltsamer Neuerungen. Vor allem bei den Spielmodi wurde ordentlich aufgestockt. Trotzdem bleibt angesichts des hohen Preises und des in Europa wegrationalisierten Online-Modus‘ ein bitterer Beigeschmack. GameCube-Footballer gehen sogar völlig leer aus. Spielerisch und technisch haben die Straßen-Footballer ohnehin kaum Fortschritte gemacht und die aktualisierten Kader lassen einige wichtige Spieler vermissen. Nicht einmal das lästige Kantenflimmern der PS2-Version konnte man in den letzten zwölf Monaten reduzieren. Komisch auch, dass man das Spiel auf der einen Seite erneut nicht lokalisiert hat, auf der anderen aber ohne 60Hz-Modus anbietet. Wer auf Arcade-Football steht und öfter mal ein bis drei Gleichgesinnte zur Hand hat, wird zwar auch dieses Jahr angemessen unterhalten, vorwiegend solo spielende Besitzer des Vorgängers sollten sich die Anschaffung aber lieber zweimal überlegen.
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The best part of NFL Street 2 is the online mode that allows you to play all of the game modes, as well as use your NFL Challenge team online. It is quite sad however that there are never that many people playing it though. All of this may sound like fun, but it keeps you interested for about a week or so. A perfect rental for any of those interested in trying NFL Street 2.
Overall, NFL Street 2 is a good enough game, though barely anything has changed. It doesn't feel like it has been rushed, since it isn't buggy or broken in any way, but there's definitely a lack of proper maturation here that hinders the overall product. Unless you've never played the original NFL Street and you're intrigued by the concept, there's not really any singular, captivating reason why you should rush out to get NFL Street 2, as people who already played the original will be all too familiar with what the sequel presents. And, if you were one of those who played and enjoyed the original, you should probably rent Street 2 first, just to see if some of the few new things it offers really are enough to warrant a full-priced purchase.
In all, NFL Street 2 is an excellent rental, perhaps as something to play during the Super Bowl halftime show (assuming you’re not going to be on the lookout for further “wardrobe malfunctions”, that is). However, there simply just isn’t enough substance here to justify a purchase, even for the novice football player. If you’re really looking for a football fix, just go ahead and buy ESPN NFL 2K5 instead; you’ll get a more complete package and the game will stand the test of time much, much better.