Written by  :  John-Michael Matthews (3)
Written on  :  Sep 03, 2005
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
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Fantastic NHL action

The Good

The first aspect of NHL 2003 that hit me was the sheer emotion it drew out of me. The combination of the up-tempo rock soundtrack combined with the top-notch cut scenes really got my heat pumping. The gameplay in NHL 2003 is by far the best to date (considering I have yet to play NHL 2006) in an EA sports hockey title. The fluid realistic skating, and bone jarring hits were just the beginning. The game also offers a manual deke option when the right analog stick is utilized. This skill set of moves is really quite handy when trying to dodge a defender. EA did an excellent job of tapping the emotion that a young Canadian boy has for the game of hockey. With it's all new break-away camera, and slow motion, rock music filled highlight replays, the game really is a work of art. The player animations are realistic, and the goaltenders actually have there specifically personalized goalie masks. This is a feature that no longer exists in NHL hockey videogames. EA did an excellent job by showing this authenticity. All in all, EA Sports NHL 2003 is an excellent hockey video game, and anyone who appreciates fast-paced authentic hockey should own this title!

The Bad

I liked absolutely everything about this game, great job EA Sports!

The Bottom Line

EA Sports NHL 2003 is the best hockey title available to date! If you love hockey, you will love this game!