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    Nightcaster is a third-person, single-player, action-adventure game featuring intense spell combat and exploration. Players take the role of Arran, a novice wizard whose magical power grows as he ages throughout his quest to collect spells and rid the world of eternal night.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Sep 25, 2010.
    NightCaster™ is a fast and furious action adventure video game featuring intense real-time spell combat and exploration. You play as Arran, a young boy chosen by the force of Light, who grows in age, skill, and magical powers as he progresses throughout the game. Using a revolutionary control system, where movement is handled by one analog stick and aiming by the other, you'll explore a land as vast as your own imagination. Your ultimate goal: To defeat the forces of Darkness and bring light back into the world. Features

    Spell Based Combat

    NightCaster is the only Xbox game that delivers high-intensity spell-based combat — Nightcaster contains more than 45 stunning spells within four schools of magic — Light, Dark, Fire, and Water. Players must find, learn, and manage between these spells for combat against more than 35 different enemy creatures.

    3-D Action Adventure Elements

    With its real-time combat system, engrossing story, and detailed worlds, Nightcaster is designed to appeal to both action gamers and adventure players.

    Unique Combat Mechanics

    The NightCaster dual analog control scheme allows gamers to aim and fire spells in any direction while simultaneously moving in another. This analog control offers more tactical options as well as new types of offensive and defensive maneuvers.

    Character Evolution

    Throughout the game, Arran evolves through four ages – child, young adult, middle-age, and elder - acquiring new skills and growing more powerful.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jul 24, 2008.

Box Back:
    Explosive Spell Combat In A World Of Mystery & Wonder

    Addictive, High Intensity Play

    Fast-action, spell-casting combat with deep strategy for the ultimate action/adventure experience.

    Stunning 3D Environments
    A richly detailed world spanning the depths of the buried City to the shimmering halls of the Ice Fortress.

    35+ Enemy Types
    Fight with brute force or use strategy and craft.

    45+ Amazing Spells
    Discover dazzling 3D spells from 4 different schools of magic.

    From Apprentice To Master
    Arran grows in skill and magical abilities as he ages.

    Battling against eternal darkness, you are Arran, a young wizard embarking on a quest filled with explosive spell combat and adventure. Armed with your magical orb and immense spell collection, you age from a young wizard into an older powerful sorcerer.

    Defeat your enemies with a revolutionary control system: direct movement with one analog stick and aim with the other. Embrace your destiny; restore light to your homeland.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Nov 10, 2002.