Nightcaster: Defeat the Darkness Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

VR1 Logo Cinematic
Title Screen
Opening story
Arran receives his magic powers.
Chapter 1 Opening Movie
The orb you found accompanies you and gives you guidance.
Using my Fire Glyph spell up close.
The spells target is where the orb is.
Different enemies have different resistances. The blue one on the ground was a fire creature before I cooled him off with my Glacial Might spell.
This is the Fire page of your spell book. As you progress you will gain additional spells and attacks.
The Water page.
In your journey you will acquire runes to focus your powers.
Several different elemental slimes try to get the jump on Arran.
These four colored circles change your elemental class and your attributes alter accordingly. Arran is now a Fire Wizard. Note the change in appearance.
Close-up of Dark Wizard Arran.
Chatting with the local farmers.
Those green mounds are monster generators and will continue to spit out fresh foes until they are destroyed.
You will also find Mana Balls that you can use to increase your Wizardry skills.