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OutRun 2 (Xbox)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

OutRun 2 Credits

Sumo Digital

Chief Operations OfficerCarl Cavers
Technical DirectorPaul Porter
Creative DirectorDarren Mills
Project ManagerMark Glossop
Senior DesignerSean Millard
Lead ProgrammerPhilip Rankin
ProgrammersTom Sedden, Chris Rea, Ashley Bennett, Ali Davidson, Sean Davies
Lead ArtistJohn Hackleton
ArtistsDominic Hood, Andy Ritson, Mark Sweeney, Richard Simmons, John Stopforth
Graphic DesignerChantal Beaumont
DesignerSteve Lycett, Travis Ryan, Colin Stone

Sega Japan

Executive ProducerHisao Ōguchi
Senior SupervisorMakoto Osaki (AM2)
ProducerKats Sato
Assistant ProducerNobuyuki Minato
SupervisorsShin Ishikawa (AM2), Yukitoshi Katsuyama (AM2), Tatsutoshi Narita (AM2)

Sega Europe

President/Chief Operating OfficerNaoya Tsurumi
Managing DirectorMichael Hayes
Executive Vice President - DevelopmentJin Shimazaki
Senior ProducerBen Gunstone
Assistant ProducerWarren Leigh
European Marketing DirectorMatthew Woodley
European Product ManagerMark Fisher
European Marketing ManagerGary Knight
PR ExecutiveStefan McGarry
UK Sales DirectorAlan Pritchard
Export Product ManagerBen Chalmers-Stevens
European Partnerships/Trade Marketing ManagerSuzanne Egleton
Head of Export SalesAlison Gould
SOE QA SupervisorDarius Sadeghian
SOE Team LeadDwayne Buck
SOE Lead TesterJustyn McLean
SOE TestersJustin Shehta, Femi Sani, Mohammed Ajaib, Henric Swahn, George Sakkas, Jamie Armstrong, Ricky Ip, Kevin Breanach, Andy Dobson, Aaron Francis, Jigar Patel
Thanks toAll at Ferrari, especially Francesco for all his hard work; Outsource Media for their European Voice Production, Richard Jacques, for his aural sensations in the remixes of the classic tunes Splash Wave, Magical Sound Shower and Passing Breeze

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (143232) and formercontrib (159639)