Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Dec 10, 2006
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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OutRun The Competition All Over Again

The Good

OutRun, has to be one of the most iconic arcade games of the 80’s. With it’s great gameplay, and amazingly cool “car” cabinet. The Sega Genesis port saved me my quarters. And the game was also ported to many a machine. Yet a true sequel would allude us until now. Nearly a decade later, OutRun 2, hit the arcade, and the Xbox.

OutRun 2, will be immediately recognizable to OutRun veterans. As in the original, you drive various Ferrari, with a hot blonde sitting shotgun. The goal being, not to place 1st , but to race from check-point to check-point. The faster you go, the higher your score. But watch out, if you screw up your passenger will show it. She will either cuss you out, or even assault you physically.(What a temper!)

OutRun 2, is not all nostalgia. It also adds to the original, gameplay wise. For starters the courses are now more varied. From beach side,(A nod to the original) to a winter mountain area, and even a horror-movie inspired area. There are more cars available as well, many of which must be unlocked, but more on that later. Arcade mode further ups the ante with “drifting” because this dubious “sport” has become popular lately. Learning how to execute a drift takes some time to master, but is well worth it as it will help you finish races even faster.

Arcade Mode is just one of OutRun 2’s many types of gameplay. There is also Challenge Mode, in which your passenger will request you do certain stunts, from drifting to simply knocking down cones. Completing challenges can earn you codes, artwork, and even new Ferrari to play with.

In Heart-Attack mode, you must keep your female companion happy. On the HUD a “heart” meter, by driving fast and aggressively, as well as pulling of stunts, you gain hearts, making mistakes causes your meter to decrease. Each single player mode, includes a different babe to ride with.(What a player!)

There is also Online play. Via Xbox Live, you can compete with friends, up to eight can play. The goal here is to beat the other players, simple enough right?

The Graphics are very good in OutRun 2. It looks much better than it’s arcade counter-part. I have heard some fools claim it looks like a Playstation 1 game. Don’t listen to all that noise, as that person must not remember what PS 1 games looked like or something. The graphics are very sharp and clean, one might say snazzy. The cars all look great, hell they are Ferrari. The areas you race through all look unique, and great.

The sound in OutRun 2 is good. Perhaps not as much as the graphics. But still good. The sound effects sound realistic, which is more than I can say for some games. The music is classic OutRun, with new tunes that could have easily been in the original. On top of that there are literally classic OutRun tunes. “Magical Sound Shower” any one?

The Bad

here could have been more music, or better yet a custom soundtrack option. Alas there is not. Why does “Step On Beat”, not return? That was a awesome tune from the Genesis port of OutRun.

The online component could have been better realized. I mean one online mode? Who are they kidding?

The Bottom Line

In the end OutRun 2 exemplifies what a update to a classic game should be. It combines the fun of the original, and still manages to pack in new thrills. Now if only we could get a new Hang-On, or Streets Of Rage. Sega, the ball is in your court.