Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Credits

Crave Entertainment

PresidentVincent J. Bitetti
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Development & AcquisitionsMark Burke
Executive ProducerRobert Bryant
Associate ProducerGreg Gibson
Quality Assurance LeadPaul Taniguchi
Primary TesterAnthony Lee
Quality AssuranceAron Ahles, Jim Balthaser, Judy Baughman, Vincent J. Bitetti, Brian Cutts, Robert Dryburgh, Jo Ann Faustino, Darold Higa, David Kang, Richard , Thomas Quast, Ramon Ramirez, Ramiro Ramirez, Denis Takara, Carlos Vazquez, Steven Webb, Roger Hu, Steve Gay, Hector Andrade, James Dodd, Christopher Richardson
Director of Marketing ServicesSheri Furumi Snow
V.P. Corperrate CounselBarry Seaton
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Michael Maas, Robert K. Dyer, John Bloodworth, Steve Ryno, Jeffrey Dickson, Amelia Acosta, Chibi 

Farsight Studios

Technical DirectorJay Obernolte
Engine ProgrammerJay Obernolte
Development DirectorBobby King
Lead DesignerBobby King
Gameplay/UI ProgrammerJeff Rice
Lead ArtistCraig Alexander
ArtistsDarrin Hart, Chris Kline, Migo Wu
Tools ProgrammingSean Shannon
MusicChris Kline
SoundChris Kline
DesignCraig Alexander, Darrin Hart, Chris Kline, Jay Obernolte, Jeff Rice, Migo Wu
Voice OverDorio Barbieri
RepresentationPaul Kohler, CJ Welsh
Very Special ThanksTim Arnold, The Crew at the PHOF
Special ThanksLisa Ching, Rosa King, Sophia King, Gabi King, Trina Kline, Mary Ellen Kline, David Kline, Heather Obernolte, Hale Obernolte, Troy Obernolte, Kristin Plakos, Tracy Rice, Zoey Rice, Magson Wu

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Ramiro Ramirez, 23 other games
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Lisa Ching, 22 other games
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