Quantum Redshift Credits (Xbox)

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Quantum Redshift Credits


Concept, Design & DevelopmentCurly Monsters Ltd.
Curly Monsters areNick Burcombe, Lee Carus-Wescott, Martin Linklater, Chris Roberts, Andy Satterthwaite, Neil Thompson, Paul Bahr-Naylor, Andrew McMaster, Jon Dugdale
ArtLee Carus-Wescott, Neil Thompson, Paul Bahr-Naylor, Jon Dugdale
ProgrammingMartin Linklater, Chris Roberts, Andrew McMaster
Game DesignNick Burcombe, Andy Satterthwaite
ProductionAndy Satterthwaite
Character ConceptsCurly Monsters
Story & Scripting ConceptsCurly Monsters
Character ModelsSatoshi Ueda
Motion Capture & Character's ConnectionsMotek BV Amsterdam, Motek team, Yotam Bahat, Jasper Brekelmans, Oshri Even-Zohar, Miranda Lonink, Winet Van Den Akker, Bart Wijsman, Stijn Windig
An extra special thanks to our partnersKelly Carus, Terri Wilson, Sarah Satterthwaite, Clair Thompson, Bev Guthrie, Yvonne Murphy, Samantha Dugdale


Program ManagerDavid C. Bridgham
Software Test LeadJeff Shea
Art DirectorKiki Wolfkill
Audio DirectorMatthew Lee Johnston
Content LeadBryan Howell
Technical EditorBeth Demetrescu
Product PlannerWalter Kong
Lead Product ManagerRaja Subramoni
IP DevelopmentBrannon Boren (S&T Onsite)
Test TeamKevin Darby, Mike Yriondo, Chris Hanks (Volt), Chris Phillips (Volt), Matthew Kangas (Volt), Mark Sundlie (Volt), Scott Catlin (Volt)
Usability EngineerBruce Phillips
LocalizationJenni Gant (S&T Onsite), Kazuyuki Shibuya, Kai Gushima, Hiroyasu Mimura, JPN Test Team
Development LeadAndrew Kertesz
DevelopmentPhilipp Teschner
ArtJennie Chan, Patrick Shettlesworth, Todd Lubsen, Vic Bonilla
Print ProductionChris Lassen (Volt)
AudioPeter Comley, Tawm Perkowski (Weird Music)
Soundelux AudioBecky Allen, Amanda Wyatt, Bryan Celano, Glynna Grimala, Pamela Aronoff, Bryan Bowen, Carole J. Ruggier, James Tabb
Special ThanksEd Fries, Shane Kim, Peter Parsons, Akila Redmer, Bill Nielsen, Shannon Loftis

Music Licensing

"Crusher"Performed by Junkie XL, Tom Holkenborg (Composer), Published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing Inc., (BMI) o/b/o Roadcrew Music Inc., Courtesy of Roadrunner Records Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66885)