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Cheat Code Central (Apr 20, 2006)
At just under seventy bucks this is not an inexpensive game. This is going to require some serious thought. The Mad Catz controller is of very high quality and is very accurate. It's certainly worth the money, and you'll be able to use it for other games in the future. If you have only a passing interest in golf you might want to pass on this one but if you can't get enough of this popular pastime then you'll definitely want to join the club.
IGN (Apr 12, 2006)
Real World Golf is not a golf videogame; it's a simulator. Yes, it retails for a hefty $69.99, which includes both the game and the Gametrak controller. Still, that's little more than the cost of the new Tiger game, comparable to the price of a green fee at a good course, and cheaper than a lesson with a golf-pro. You get feedback after every swing. No, the graphics and sound are nothing special but graphics and sound do not a game make. On a rainy day when the muni-course is closed, Real World Golf is an affordable and fun golf experience by yourself or with your golfing buddies. With ten courses and variable difficulty levels, you'll have hours of golfing ahead of you and your shoes will never get dirty. Yes, you may snap your putter in two after a bad putt, but that's golf. That's Real World Golf.
Game Chronicles (May 19, 2006)
If you already play golf and want to do better, or are thinking about taking up the sport, Real World Golf is an affordable solution, and with Father’s Day less than a month away, this could be that perfect gift for any golf-loving dad, assuming you want to share your Xbox with him. It’s also available for PS2.
TeamXbox (Apr 10, 2006)
The Real World Golf/Gametrak bundle is a bit like the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is the sweet Gametrak system that works nearly flawlessly. It was nice to get off of my lazy ass and be a somewhat active while playing games, and enjoy doing so. Dr. Jekyll is the software itself, which is a bit rough around the edges. Luckily, Real World Golf is stout enough in basic gameplay mechanics to make the entire package worth it, especially if you’re and avid golf fan.
Entertainment Weekly (Apr 27, 2006)
While the Gametrak is a techno marvel, it's the video game portion that still needs work. The 10 courses offered (compete with water and sand hazards) have the generic look and play of your local public course. There are long stretches without background music, crowd noise, or even a bird call — and what you do hear is an irritating color commentator who seems to be moonlighting as your caddie by offering up bits of lame encouragement after you shank a shot. Still, for a rainy Sunday afternoon, Real World Golf is a solid choice to get on the back nine without leaving home.
Game Over Online (Apr 27, 2006)
When all is said and done, Real World Golf is a novel idea. It gets players up, active and swinging like they were actually at the driving range or golf course; that’s a good thing. With that said, the putting mechanics aren’t up to par and the game isn’t going to blow anyone away in terms of presentation, but if you’re a golf fan that would rather swing a club, even a mini one at that, as opposed to pushing a few buttons or moving an analog stick around, you very well might want to consider taking a hack at Real World Golf.
Operation Sports (Apr 25, 2006)
Scoring Real World Golf ended up being on of the more difficult numbers I’ve ever had to calculate. The Gametrak controller may be the most impressive peripheral on the market, especially at the current price point. While the game itself lacks in some of the levels we’ve come to expect from console golf games. However, having the opportunity to swing the sticks all year round is very appealing. While it certainly is not a replacement for getting out on the course, nor will you learn the same valuable lessons that you would from a Golf Pro, it is real enough to call Real World Golf, well, real and, more importantly, fun.
GamesRadar (May 04, 2006)
Ultimately though, Real World Golf's pick-up-and-play appeal turns in a better-than-par scorecard despite a few ugly shots into the sand bunker. It's truly everybody's game - if you can swing a stick, you can play this (even if you're a lefty). It's perfect for parties, or for players willing to trade next-gen graphics and fancy options for the chance to swing a club instead of button mashing.
Gaming Age (Apr 25, 2006)
Overall, if you love Golf and want something to keep you in stride during the rainy days, then Real World Golf is an inexpensive simulation that is every bit worth the 70 bones you have to shell out for it. For the casual gamer, you may want to steer clear of this as the learning curve is nearly as frustrating as golfing in real life. Now only if this game were compatible with Tiger Woods PGA Tour, then we would have something to get excited about. But alas, so far this is the only game that works with the system, with a baseball title called Slugger in the works.
GameSpot (May 04, 2006)
There's something to be said for the very literal way that Real World Golf approaches the core gameplay, and this could've been something worthwhile if the developer had built a full-featured game around that concept. What you get, though, is far too bare bones to justify the package's fairly hefty price tag.