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GameZone (Feb 17, 2006)
Rugby fans, EA Sports have finally given us a great game worthy of the hard-hitting European sport. EA Sports Rugby 06 not only looks like a realistic game of rugby but it also plays like a dream and thus making this year’s game worth your money.
TeamXbox (Feb 14, 2006)
With its plethora of leagues, tournaments, and cups Rugby 06 should be any diehard rugby fans’ dream come true, but in order to reel in the rest of the sports crowd the game had to bring more than authentic rugby teams, and it has done exactly that. The developers added loads of production value to attract mainstream gamers onto the pitch and the tutorial does an excellent job of laying down law of the land to newcomers to the sport. There are still a few things that need tweaking and improving but for $29.99 it’s tough to fault the game for what few blemishes it does have. Who knows how great Rugby 06 could have been had it featured some Xbox Live play. But there’s always next year…
IGN (Feb 10, 2006)
Rugby 06 improves upon its predecessor in almost every way. Breaking through the defense for a try or nailing an opponent with a high-tackle is immensely satisfying. The additions of the off-load pass and impact players, while subtle, improve the gameplay experience and help the game more closely resemble the actual sport. The crowd is excellent and draws you further into the match, while the commentators do well before the repetition sets in. There are some definite graphical hiccups, but thankfully they don't detract from gameplay, and during cutscenes, this is easily the prettiest rugby title yet. If priced at $49.99, Rugby 06 would have been easy to recommend to hard-core rugby enthusiasts. At $29.99, however, this game is a modestly-priced introduction to one of the toughest sports on the planet. Ruck up!
80 (UK) (Feb 28, 2006)
The only obvious missing component is an online mode, but perhaps that’s more to do with rugby’s limited appeal (relative to football that is) than any kind of technical issue. A shame really, because this is a first class rugby game and it deserves a first class following across the world. Don’t worry peanut huggers, we’ll out football yet.
Some of the graphics upset me, especially the disparity between what the screenshots show and what the actual default gameplay shows. The game is capable of being that pretty, but it requires some manipulation of the camera, and isn't really feasible in gameplay. This is something that quite a few publishers do with their games, and honestly, it won't pass here. As stated before though, if you're a fan of rugby, you owe it to yourself to pick up Rugby 06.
GameSpot (Feb 14, 2006)
Thanks to some crucial new control mechanics, the introduction of star impact players that can blow a match wide open, real clubs and players, and a faithful re-creation of the high-impact sport of rugby, Rugby 06 improves on last year's effort and remains an engaging and fun game. If you've never played a rugby game before, this will serve as a good introduction, provided you're willing to stick with it. If you're looking for a change in your sports-gaming doldrums and are into learning something new, Rugby 06 is a good choice.
Rugby 06 is the best looking and playing rugby game of the year, but there's still a few things that need tweaking before it's a genuine classic.
The A.V. Club (Mar 29, 2006)
Still, it's good fun. Rugby 06 isn't as pretty as the bigger EA Sports games, but it isn't as larded down with excess crap, either; just lots of teams, lots of tournaments, and what we'll assume are famous players in a good tough sport.
Game Chronicles (Feb 14, 2006)
Rugby 06 is a surprisingly fast paced hard-hitting sports game that'll catch any unsuspecting sports fan's eye. Even if you aren't a Rugby fan or no nothing of the sport you should definitely try playing Rugby 06. I would only consider purchasing this game if you are a true Rugby fan or if you fall in love with the sport after renting it.
Gamekult (Feb 28, 2006)
En fait, mis à part le système de mêlées et de mauls, qui aurait tout intérêt à s'inspirer de Rugby Challenge 2006 pour gagner en équité, on s'approche enfin du vrai rugby en terme de réalisme, avec tout ce qu'il faut de possibilités tactiques pour varier le jeu. La présence de joueurs dits d'exception, autre nouveauté de cette édition, permet également de tenter des percées solitaires avec davantage de réussite. Quelques éléments restent pourtant à peaufiner, comme les prises de balle hasardeuses sur les dégagements, ou la sensation de glisse encore trop prononcée sur les courses, qui nuit trop souvent aux replacements dans les modes de difficulté supérieurs. Pas grand-chose à redire côté contenu, car mis à part l'absence des licences des clubs du Top 14, on retrouve tout ce que le sport compte de copyrights. Autant dire que malgré l'absence de jeu en ligne, inexplicable sur PC, Rugby 06 trouvera rapidement de nombreux adeptes chez les aficionados.
Video Game Talk (Mar 19, 2006)
Overall I'm quite impressed with this entry in to the sport of rugby. Players are animated quite well during tackles, the rules are followed quite strictly, and little authentic touches like the ref talking and the new off-load passing really help the game feel like rugby. The biggest downside is the lack of Live play options, because it's tough to always have another person over who both knows the game and also is willing to play. Recommended for any fan of the sport.
X-Box Gamer (Mar 24, 2006)
Si les graphismes et quelques malencontreuses erreurs dans le gameplay empêchent ce Rugby 06 d'être totalement convaincant, il faut tout de même avouer que l'ambiance générale et les améliorations portées sur les variétés des phases de jeu en font une fois de plus un soft des plus agréables à jouer pour les fans du ballon ovale. Cependant les possesseurs de l'opus précédent pourront faire des économies puisque le soft ne constitue pas une grosse avancée de la série. Preuve en est les modes de jeu qui ne démontrent pas d'originalité. Mais il faut avouer qu'il est tout de même de plus en plus plaisant d'aborder le rugby avec EA Sports et cela ne peut être que de bonne augure pour l'édition 2007.
GamersMark (Mar 12, 2006)
While there are many flaws in the execution of this game, the fact is that it is pretty fun to play once you muddle through several confusing matches and start to get used to the clunky controls. The problem is that most people who aren’t rugby fans already probably won’t be able to get to that point before giving up on the game. In many cases, it will feel more to them like they are a spectator wiring in orders to some guys on a screen rather than an actual player on the pitch, and that just doesn’t quite fit the soul of rugby or the soul of a sports video game.
60 (Feb 16, 2006)
Que penser de ce Rugby 2006 ? Certainement que son prix est bien trop élevé pour quiconque posséderait déjà la version 2005 au vu du faible nombre de nouveautés. On a l'impression qu'EA n'a même pas essayé de se démarquer des précédentes moutures en proposant un jeu correct mais sans véritable personnalité et surtout très difficile à maîtriser pour le joueur lambda qui n'a pas l'habitude de la série. A réserver exclusivement aux fans.
AceGamez (2006)
Real life rugby, for me, was like a game of hot potato. I got the ball and couldn't wait to pass it to another person in fear of getting tackled. I came into Rugby 06 with an open mind, I was hoping for the FIFA engine with rugby elements and I was let down. So now, like a classic game of Rugby, I cannot wait to pass this game to somebody who can handle the tackle - somebody who doesn't comprehend the meaning of great gameplay and somebody who hasn't been treated to fast-paced, fun titles like FIFA, which I personally would define as a proper videogame.