Sega GT 2002 (Xbox)

Sega GT 2002 Screenshots

Xbox version

Technical options.
Intro opening shows some ingame races which make you doubt it ain't real.
Main Title (from opening cinematic)
Main Title (first menu)
Main Menu (and it isn't even showing all options for which you must scroll down to see)
When it comes to variety of cars, there's a selection that seems limitless.
When you start a so-called campaign, you won't be able to buy better and more expensive cars at first.
While buying the car, you can use the color, which of course, doesn't affect the cost.
On the other hand, some older cars are not for sale, probably store ran out of stock at the moment.
Buying Fiat Punto HGT Abarth, the key in your possession proves it's all yours now.
There are many sub-menus like this, depending which type of game you chose to play.
When you have the wheels, you can take it for a test drive, change some parts, upgrade the beast, or try and win some cup.
When you're changing even the smallest thing, such as tires, this is 'cinematic' you shall see.
Ingame menu allows you the most basic options from the first screen.
Watching a replay of your test drive... believe me, this one was not worth watching.
Depending how tough is the track, it mirrors upon the reward itself.
So the race wouldn't be unfair, all the opponnents have the same type of car, maybe a little more or less upgraded, though.
During watching your replay, you can take up to six shots with a camera.
You can also play a quick battle with your friend or a CPU.
Selecting a track to race on.
If you find your opponenty too mushy, you can always increase their intelligence. However, on their sorrow, they can't increase yours.
When you play a quick race, you don't need to purchase any car, you can select whatever you like.
You can go back in time a bit and test how it was back in '72.
Or we can all drive what we find a real Corvette for a change, not only newest model.
Crowd is at the edge of seats, drivers are nervous, and engines are rumbling as the countdown to start approaches zero.
In historical race, they all have cars from same timeline, but not of same type.
No, this is not sort of black&white picture, but probably smog as these cars didn't use catalysators back then.
You can have a clearing ahead either if you're the first... or last.
You can watch your car from ahead, but price of admission to those who can drive a car in this mode for longer than 5 secs without going off road.
Of course, driving inside a tunnel will create a proper ambience and sound.