Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Title screen
Choose which scenario to play.
Combat and puzzle difficulty are independent.
Opening CGI
James starts the game looking in the mirror in a filthy restroom.
Reading Mary's letter in the intro.
Meeting Angela.
Yes, yes they are.
Meeting your first monster.
That red spot is a save point. There is a health drink on the ground next to the table.
Town map. James marks areas of interest.
After you knock enemies down, you can stomp them to finish them off.
These barriers close off streets.
You are expected to put your arm in that hole.
An object-placement puzzle. You'll have a few of these.
Fighting some sort of mannequin enemies in the apartments.
Introducing Pyramid Head. He'll show up a bunch of time.
The fight against Pyramid Head isn't going well.
This is Maria, she's the spitting image of James's dead wife, Mary, but Mary never dressed like that.
Protecting Maria right after you meet her. How well you protect Maria is one factor that determines your ending.
Inventory screen
Hospital map
The infamous Silent Hill nurse, or one of them, anyway.
This is Laura. She'll be important.
Each area has two versions. This is the normal of a hall on the third floor of the hospital.
And this is the nightmare version of the same spot.
A scary room in the nightmare hospital
James failed to protect Maria from Pyramid Head. Notice how characters turn their heads to look at points of interest.
Like James, Maria starts her game looking in a mirror. Note the film-grain effect is off. You can toggle this once you beat the game.
You'll be seeing this a lot in both scenarios.
Maria fighting a monster
These things crawl on the ground once you knock them down.
This is the house where most of "Born from a Wish" takes place.