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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.2
Overall User Score (6 votes) 2.3

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83 (Oct 18, 2005)
Schaut man sich den totalen Krieger aus dem Hause Creative Assembly an, kann man kaum glauben, dass das Team vorher weder Action und diese schon gar nicht auf Konsole verarbeitet hat. Angetrieben von einer mächtigen Grafikengine (die allerdings im Verlauf des Spiels schmerzhaft an ihre Grenzen geführt wird) und unterstützt von einer eingängigen und leicht zu erlernenden Steuerung bewegt sich der Spartaner zwar auf bereits ausgetretenen Gameplay-Pfaden, schafft es aber immer wieder, durch abwechslungsreiche Missionen die Motivation aufzubauen. Mit Anleihen bei den Dynasty Warriors und nicht zuletzt dem hierzulande offiziell nicht erschienenen God of War hat das Team einen kompromiss- und schnörkellosen Action-Titel abgeliefert.
There's no multiplayer component to Spartan: Total Warrior, but there is an Arena Challenge mode that sets you against increasingly difficult waves of foes to dispatch. There's also a Single Mission Replay mode for reliving specific encounters, and an Extras mode for unlockable bonuses like concept art. Aside from the odd mood breaker, somewhat sluggish load times between menus, and occasional repetitive gameplay, Spartan: Total Warrior manages to bridge the familiar RTS brand to the console world through its silky-smooth framerate, very respectable visuals, and deviously violent gameplay.
X-Power (Oct 30, 2005)
Het spel zit gewoon goed in elkaar en is al bij al gewoon heerlijke hack'n slash in de zuiverste graad, met massale gevechten waar je helemaal in op gaat. Of dat voor jou genoeg is om de wat korte speelduur te vergeven, moet je zelf beslissen. Ik heb me in ieder geval uitstekend vermaakt met Spartan: Total Warrior.
The Next Level (Nov 22, 2005)
It's in those pieces that a picture of Spartan: Total Warrior begins to emerge. Great combat, solid upgrades, even a really nice "arena" mode that lets you setup battles between different armies and then join in, four major weapon styles to earn, respectable voiceovers, and a nice story: all are brought to their knees trying to hold up generic level/mission designs and ugly boss fights. Assembly made a very solid game, but far too often it feels like they were following a well-used copy of a third-person action game "handbook" instead of charting their own territory. I cannot put into words how close they were with Spartan: Total Warrior. If they play to their strengths next time, instead of shying away from their PC-heritage, they could knock our socks off with a sequel. For now rent this one.
80 (Jan 04, 2006)
Everything that makes Spartan: Total Warrior so enjoyable is exactly the opposite of what so many casual gamers are interested in. It’s not the prettiest game, it is intended for mature audiences, but it’s no bloodier than a typical fighting game except that you see blood thousands of times instead of a few dozen times. Regardless it’s a low key game that might not receive the attention it justly deserves. Yes, it’s very hard, and you may also need to pick up a new controller after throwing yours down in hissy fits of rage, but it’s definitely worthy of more than just a look.
79 (Jun 18, 2007)
Spartan: Total Warrior resulta ser un debut en el género sorprendentemente solvente y equilibrado para Creative Assembly, sólido en casi todos sus apartados y con calidad más que suficiente para satisfacer a la mayoría de usuarios. Su mayor hándicap posiblemente fuera, aparte de la ausencia de un modo para dos jugadores, su proximidad en cuanto a fecha de salida y coincidencia temática con uno de los grandes de los últimos años, God of War.
IGN (Oct 24, 2005)
Spartan: Total Warrior does so many things right that it genuinely pains us to see the experience get bogged down by a handful of major annoyances. Creative Assembly crafted a marvelous game engine, too, one that affords spectacular encounters filled with more action, blood and “Holy crap did you see that!?” moments than we’d care to mention. It’s therefore unfortunate that the unrefined targeting system, cheap boss battles and generally unhelpful friendly AI make the experience a mixed bag of exhilarating and exasperating moments. Still, Total Warrior is a good (almost great) action game that fans of the genre should definitely considering purchasing.
These flaws, along with the fact that the fighting never really changes despite some new weapons and enemies, are enough to bring Spartan down out of the "great" category. It sure beats the hell out another Dynasty Warriors retread, though.
The numerous weapons and spells add some dimensions to the combat, but this is no God of War. Heck, Kratos wouldn't even waste his time slaughtering Spartan's poser protagonist named - wait for it - the Spartan. Clever.
GameSpot (Oct 27, 2005)
Spartan: Total Warrior is a straightforward action game from Sega and developer Creative Assembly. As you might guess from the title, the game is set during the conflict between the Spartans and the massive Roman Empire. This is pretty familiar territory for Creative Assembly, the team behind last year's PC strategy game Rome: Total War. However, the game itself is a massive departure for a studio best known for its historically authentic and complex strategy games. For the most part, Spartan: Total Warrior is a pretty good action effort. Unfortunately, the high production values and engaging gameplay of the Total War games are nowhere to be found here.
Factornews (Oct 27, 2005)
Sega est souvent synonyme de bons jeux typés arcade et justifie ici pleinement sa réputation avec ce Spartan : Total Warrior. Plus pêchu qu’un Dynasty Warriors et proposant des affrontements plus massifs que God of War, Spartan : Total Warrior constitue une bonne alternative pour les joueurs recherchant un gameplay nerveux et sans prise de tête.
70 (Oct 11, 2005)
Mêlant histoire et légendes gréco-romaines, Spartan possède un background particulièrement accrocheur, laissant libre cours à des interprétations fantaisistes mais s'incrustant assez bien dans la trame générale. Epique, très accessible et dynamique, le titre de Sega pèche néanmoins dans les domaines graphiques et techniques. Avec un peu plus d'imagination et des schémas de jeu plus développés, Spartan aurait pu faire bien plus de chemin. Espérons qu'un prochain volet aille au bout de cette quête homérique.
PlayDevil (2006)
"Spartan: Total Warrior" from developer Creative Assembly is somehow a mix between an action-adventure game with a little bit strategy. If doesn't fit the genre "Total Warrior" or epic since like I said before, the epic situations are mostly unaccurate and well it just isn't as good as 'Rome: Total Warrior'. The console version feels a bit limited but plays well. If you're looking for the same value like 'Rome: Total Warrior' but then on console, you'll have to look elsewhere. "Spartan: Total Warrior" is a decent action-adventure game, puts you with the Spartans with a few epic situations and the game is mostly all hack 'n slash. If that's what you're after, then this game is definitely made for you.
GameSpy (Nov 07, 2005)
The Total Warrior meets absolute mediocrity in Sega's new Dynasty Warriors-style brawler. As an anonymous but god-blessed Greek warrior, players get to cut through hordes of Roman soldiers, none of whom is half as bothersome as Spartan: Total Warrior's many, and debilitating, hiccups.
Again, that's what Total Warrior does best. If you don't mind getting only half of a game and want something a little more adult (more bloodshed than you can imagine), this is the one you're looking for. Its battles are as epic as they can be, and until you make it to "that" part of the game, you'll have a blast. Anything after that leads to cries of depression because of what Spartan Total Warrior could have become.