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Game Chronicles (Jul 06, 2003)
It’s not the most serious motorcycle racing game available and it might not even be the prettiest, but for pure arcade racing goodness mixed with a clever trick system, competitive racing challenge, unique track designs, and overall fun gameplay, Speed Kings fits a unique niche. Serious racers would be better off seeking satisfaction in the comforts of MotoGP 2 but everyone else will have a blast with Speed Kings.
GameSpot (May 27, 2003)
In the end, even though Speed Kings doesn't stray very far from the Burnout 2 formula, it's a solid racer that does a great job of conveying an insanely fast sense of speed and requires you to think and react in an instant. The game's controls, presentation, and gameplay modes offer enough depth and variety to warrant a purchase for fans of arcade racing.
Next Level Gaming (Jun 15, 2003)
Speed Kings does some good things. But it also does it's own inservice. Great graphics and a decent control scheme are marred by a lackluster trick system, poor sound, and a complete back-turn on online gameplay. If this game was online, I could overlook a lot of that, and would put serious game-hours into Speed Kings. But the finished product as it is would be more suited to someone just wanting to rent a bike game while they waited for their local game store to get more stock in of Moto GP 2. Climax, Acclaim, bring me Speed Kings online, and I'll be a happy biker!
XBox-Zone (Aug 02, 2003)
Wenn ein Spiel ein dermaßen frecher Klon ist, wie es bei Speed Kings der Fall ist, dann muss es sich natürlich den Vergleich mit dem großen Original gefallen lassen. Gegenüber dem Genreprimus Burnout 2 hat es dann letztendlich auch deutlich das Nachsehen. Der Grund dafür sind viele kleine Macken, die vielleicht mit etwas Feintuning hätten beseitigt werden können. Was bleibt, ist ein Arcade-Racer, der aufgrund seiner guten Spielbarkeit und seines tollen Geschwindigkeitsgefühls überzeugt. Auf technischer Seite wäre jedoch deutlich mehr möglich gewesen und die oftmals lieblos zusammengeschusterten Strecken locken heutzutage keinen mehr vor den Fernseher. Beim Schnäppchenpreis von gerade mal 40 Euro können jedoch alle Arcade-Fans mal einen Blick riskieren und auf den Strecken sämtliche Verkehrsregeln brechen.
Worth Playing (Jun 03, 2003)
Overall, Speed Kings seems like it's nothing more than a half-assed MotoGP in crowded city streets. The gameplay mechanics are certainly nothing to write home about, and the graphics and sound are fairly mediocre. While driving in traffic, filling a boost meter, and blasting ahead of the competition could potentially be fun, the execution here is really too flawed to keep your interest for very long. You might be able to squeeze a little bit of fun out of it before the mediocrity of it all settles in. Speed Kings is the kind of game that gives Acclaim a weak name, and with a couple more months in development, it may have been up there with their gems, like Vexx and Aggressive Inline.
IGN (May 28, 2003)
With Speed Kings, Acclaim is attempting to tweak and reuse the inspired formula crafted by the Criterion Burnout design team under the guise of a new motorcycle framework with slightly new gameplay twists (those horrible dings as opposed to near misses), but we're not buying it. There's nothing that Speed Kings does that Burnout 2 doesn't smoke right off the line in every way possible. Physics, speed, track design, opponent AI, handling, graphics, audio -- Speed Kings really offers much, much less for your money.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jul 01, 2003)
Pâle copie de Burnout, Speed Kings n'a pratiquement rien pour lui et ne parvient pas à éveiller l'intérêt plus de 30 minutes. Gameplay plat et n'offrant aucune sensation autre que de l'énervement et du dépit devant le trou qu'on a fait dans son porte-monnaie, voilà ce qui vous attend. Peut-être que sans l'ombre du bébé de Criterion il s'en serait mieux sorti mais là, y a pas photo. A réserver aux fans les plus inconditionnels et plutôt riches.
Jag kör fort, jag krockar med bilar, jag sparkar omkull ett par motståndare. Jag kör till och med på bakhjulet ett tag. Och sedan tröttnra jag och fortsätter att längta efter F-Zero GX. Gamla Road Rash-rävar kan möjligtvis köra ett par mil extra med Speed Kings. Själv rycker jag mest på axlarna med en smått apatisk min.
GamePro (US) (May 21, 2003)
The too-twitchy controls (which aren't laid out logically or comfortably) and easy crash deaths belie an inappropriate commitment to realism in a patently arcadey setting, while other elements simply need more polish (spotty collision detection; some tricks that aren't seen). The electronica music drones almost as annoyingly as the woefully banal engine sounds. While the crunchy crashes will elicit comparisons to Acclaim's other racer, Burnout, the two games are not in the same league. Speed Kings is unfortunately just a pretender to the throne.
Game Shark (May 30, 2003)
Speed Kings is a perfect example of what happens when you try to follow inspiration yet forget to bring your own intuition and imagination.