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User Reviews

The First one was great, the second one is...WOW! M.Allen (76) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2!! MegaMegaMan (2260) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A Worthy Sequel if Ever I've Seen One Chris Parent (5) unrated
A great RPG experience Shin_Akuma (17) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (31 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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The great thing about KOTOR 2 is that you get four totally different game experiences, depending on how you play the game. Your alignment and gender affect the storyline, giving you a different experience in each game. The only thing that would make KOTOR even better would be if you could make characters from alien races like Galaxies. On my first time through, KOTOR 2 took me about 30 hours to complete. Considering you take the time to complete the side quests and mini games, you could have a near 120 hour experience, if you play it each of the four ways possible. The Sith Lords is well worth your time and money, regardless if you are a fan of Star Wars or not. You will enjoy the freedom and power of what it is like to hold the fate of the galaxy in the palm of your hands.
games xtreme (Mar 21, 2005)
KotoR II remains true to the first game's story and enhances both the game in terms of playability and graphics. A worthy sequel indeed and one of the best Star Wars games since KotoR...
Smug Statement: The Sith Lords is smart, deep, dark, and stands as the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Timothy Zahn penned the extraordinary Heir to the Empire trilogy. Much like a Padawan learning the ways of the Force from a Jedi Master, Obsidian Entertainment has embraced the teachings of BioWare, built upon the original formula, and forged a powerful sequel that will take your breath away faster than Vader ever could.
Kombo.com (Dec 18, 2004)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2- The Sith Lords may not reinvent the RPG wheel (nobody expected it to), but it does smooth over the rough parts, making for one great ride. A greater story, more memorable characters, and improved combat options make KOTOR 2 another intergalactic trip you’ll thoroughly enjoy.
GameSpy (Dec 07, 2004)
Despite these flaws, there's no denying KotOR2's greatness. It has more of what made the first game so outstanding and contains several improvements over its predecessor. For fans of the first game, this is a nearly perfect sequel. For newcomers, it's an excellent RPG in its own right. With its brilliant story, engaging gameplay, awesome characters, impeccable voice acting, and great replay value, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is sure to grab you.
X-Power (Feb 04, 2005)
Samenvattend kan ik besluiten dat KotOR 2 opnieuw een heel erg leuke RPG is met voldoende uitdaging om het boeiend te houden, en een verhaal dat je in de wereld van de Jedi zal zuigen. Dit spel lijkt echter zo erg veel op zijn voorganger, dat het zeker geen nieuwe zieltjes zal overtuigen, maar voor de mensen met smaak (persoonlijke opinie !) die ook de eerste KotOR hebben gekocht, is dit een verplicht nummertje.
Netjak (Jan 08, 2005)
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a masterful piece of storytelling. I spent all 60 hours absolutely riveted to the tale and couldn’t wait to know more about both my own past and the pasts of those I traveled with. I was gratified the whole time to know that the geniuses formerly of Black Isle Studios are still alive and kicking. Great characters, a vibrant galaxy to explore, and a seemingly-unstoppable menace make for an ambitious and cinematic play experience marred only by lacklustre graphics and infuriating lockups. If you are an RPG gamer looking for a fix, this will undoubtedly be one of your picks for Game of the Year.
RPGFan (Aug 27, 2009)
When all's said and done, Knights of the Old Republic II hits the mark in a lot of ways. In some areas, it improves on its predecessor, even though there are things that were better the first time around, so how happy you are with it will probably depend on if and when you played the original. It's worth playing either way, and locating a cheap copy should be easy these days, so if you still haven't picked it up, you really should. If you're a Star Wars fan, you've probably suffered through some pretty bad games, so you should definitely not miss out on this good one.
Gamesmania.de (Feb 24, 2005)
Den Innovationsbonus wird KOTOR 2 - The Sith Lords nicht bekommen, dafür ist das Sequel dem Vorgänger einfach zu ähnlich. Wer jedoch wieder ein komplexes Rollenspielabenteuer mit neuen Charakteren im Star Wars-Universum bestreiten möchte, liegt - trotz Mängeln - bei diesem Titel goldrichtig.
contactmusic.com (Feb 18, 2005)
To bring this review to a conclusion I would say if you played the first installment and wanted more, then KOTOR 2 is as good as, if not slightly better than, the original. Although there has been a switch in development team you would never notice and the experience created in the first game is evidently as rewarding in part 2. My main gripe would be that all the way through the title you cannot get away from the déjà vu feeling. KOTOR 2 is just a bit too similar to the original and the extra features only pepper the game rather than taking the play off in a whole new adventurous direction.
XboxFrance (Jun 27, 2006)
Il est navrant de constater que ce KOTOR II, comme son prédécesseur, souffre de tels défauts techniques parce que au final on est en face d’un excellent jeu. Le système de jeu est complexe et a bénéficié de bonnes améliorations, le scénario est intéressant, les personnages secondaires ont une histoire fouillée, et la durée de vie est tout à fait correcte, d’autant plus que tout est fait pour vous donner envie d’y rejouer : jouer « dark side » et « light side », jouer avec tous les personnages (selon que vous êtes light, dark, ou neutre il y aura un voire deux changements dans votre équipe, et un autre changement selon que votre personnage est un homme ou une femme), essayer d’avoir le maximum d’influence avec tous... C’est un très bon RPG et indéniablement un bon investissement, si vous faites l’effort de dépasser l’aspect technique qui peut être vraiment frustrant.
GameSpot (Dec 06, 2004)
It's the first product from Obsidian Entertainment, a studio composed of veteran RPG designers who took the development reins on this sequel from BioWare, and evidently stayed true to the original style and vision in the process--that is, you wouldn't be able to guess just from playing The Sith Lords that this was the work of a different developer. Ironically, though, since Knights of the Old Republic was such a big game, with so much replay value, it didn't necessarily scream for such a similar sequel. As a result, you might have a much tougher time settling into The Sith Lords, since chances are you'll feel like you've played this game before, only you'll swear it looked better the first time. But, on the other hand, so what? It's just as important to note that no other game since Knights of the Old Republic has managed to deliver this excellent style of role-playing.
XBox Front (Jan 11, 2005)
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (kurz: KOTOR) war der RPG Kracher 2003. Es brachte eine fesselnde Story, ein innovatives Kampfsystem und eine exzellente Sprachausgabe mit. Die Fortsetzung ist eindeutig an den Vorgänger angelehnt, z.B. erstellt man wieder seinen ganz individuellen Charakter, kann mit hunderten von Polygonfiguren interagieren und sich in diversen Jobs versuchen.
4Players.de (Feb 14, 2005)
2003 habe ich gejubelt, aber 2005 bin ich für ein euphorisches Hurra zu ernüchtert. Festzuhalten bleibt: Das erste Rollenspiel des Jahres ist ein gutes! Es macht Spaß, es hat Tiefgang, es lädt zum Experimentieren ein. Gut oder böse? Raffgierig oder großzügig? Brutal oder gewitzt? Ihr bestimmt, wo es moralisch lang geht - inklusive köstlicher Streitereien und Zänkereien in der eigenen Gruppe. Festzuhalten bleibt aber auch: Sith Lords ist eher eine Erweiterung als ein neuer Teil - man hat einfach viel zu viele erzählerische und spielerische Déjà-vus. Da wäre der sehr ähnliche Einstieg, die sehr ähnliche Karriere sowie die frühe Klarheit des Plots. Doch selbst wenn man noch die technischen Mängel und den grafischen Stillstand auf die Kontrarechnung packt, bleibt unterm Strich immer noch ein actionreiches, erzählerisch gehaltvolles und unterhaltsames Abenteuer.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jan 14, 2005)
But its ingenuity in turning the weaknesses in the game into strengths can go only so far (Remember Planescape turning the quick-load immortality into actual immortality? There's something similarly metacritical, if more subtle, here). While there's a thrill in returning to locations you're familiar with ten years on in game terms, it can't overwhelm the realisation that these are just the original levels stripped bare and re-fabricated according to Obsidians whims.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 30, 2006)
The first Knights of the Old Republic was a breath of fresh air among console RPGs. The sequel is more of the same excellence, but with a few new failings. It’s unquestionably a great game, and certainly the best RPG on the Xbox this year, but the aging game engine and patchwork ending make it fall short where its predecessor excelled.
Gamezine (Jan 30, 2005)
Quand on voit toutes ces bonnes choses, on regrette les nombreux bugs et les graphismes qui font un peu tache, sans oublier quelques angles de caméra un peu gênants, surtout en présence de nombreux ennemis. Quelle mauvaise surprise de voir un jeu d’une telle qualité scénaristique gâché par une technique à la ramasser. KoToR 2 en rebutera donc plus d’un, mais je vous demande de faire un effort, car il se rattrape avec son excellent scénario et des rebondissements en pagaille, offrant une très bonne durée de vie, de quoi être dans les étoiles pour un sacré bout de temps…
Jeuxvideo.com (Feb 11, 2005)
Principalement destiné aux fans du premier volet, KOTOR 2 en reprend quasiment tous les éléments avant de les inclure dans un nouveau scénario. Si l'opération a permis de sortir cette suite assez rapidement, je reste convaincu que beaucoup de joueurs n'auraient pas été contre patienter quelques mois supplémentaires afin de voir disparaître certains défauts gênants, notamment dans l'aspect graphique.
Console Obsession (May 31, 2010)
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is recommended to both fans of the movies as well as devotees of the RPG genre, both groups should find much to enjoy here. We could have recommended it with yet more gusto, if not for its technical pitfalls and messy menus. Still it’s a decent game that would have benefited greatly from extended development time, the force may be strong in this one, but it could have been even stronger without the problems.
videogamer.com (Mar 08, 2005)
Knights of the Old Republic 2 could have been the most intellectually challenging and best-written RPG since Planescape: Torment. The quality of the 20-hour section between the plodding start and the preposterous ending is easily 9/10 territory. Regrettably, the multitude of technical issues and the sheer anti-climax of the conclusion almost completely ruin any satisfaction you'll take from the game. Had it not been for the short development cycle, and the imposition of an ending that feels like a creative cop-out (clearly intended to set things up for a sequel), this should have been one of the finest RPGs ever made. Instead, I feel KotOR 2 can only go down in history as one of the most disappointing missed opportunities for greatness in recent years. If reviews are game buying guides, then this one comes with a huge caveat emptor - beware the buyer!
PlayDevil (Jun 11, 2005)
In the end "Knights of the Old Republic 2" is a great follow up to the original game. If you played the first, definitely get this one. You'll love it and mind those graphical glitches. For those who are new in the Kotor series, this action / adventure / RPG game will be a pleasant surprise to their game library.