Written by  :  Chris Parent (5)
Written on  :  Dec 28, 2004
Platform  :  Xbox

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A Worthy Sequel if Ever I've Seen One

The Good

Now based on my favourable reviews, you may think that I'm an employee of Lucasarts, Bioware or Obsidian. Not the case at all. I'm just a die-hard RPGer and Star Wars buff who has been waiting years for someone to come out with a good Star Wars rpg for console and PC. Enter Knights of the Old Republic and Sith Lords. Again, as in my previous review (Knights I) I will state that Lucasarts has once again beaten Squaresoft (who I have a lot of love for) at their own game. Before useless flamewar and backlash, note that I haven't played FF Online yet, but FFX sucked (maybe X-2 was better, who knows?). I'm only ten or so hours into the game so far, but I am thoroughly wowed so far. This could be the beginning of a mighty, on going series! I would love to see a Knights of the New Republic series set during the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion *yes this is a hint to any Lucasarts ppl that may be reading*.

The Bad

I would have liked for my Revan character to be uploaded and used as a secondary PC. MAybe in 3? *If any Lucasarts or Obsidian people are reading this, this is your cue to make a direct sequel to Knights 1, where you can play Revan again*. No other complaints so far, other than the apparent lack of transit (Citadel Station not withstanding). Some people have been complaining that swoop racing has been ruined in this game. My opinion- who cares? The mini-games (Racing, Turrets, Pazaak) were always my least favourite aspect of KOTOR anyway. What's to ruin?

The Bottom Line

A lush, dark sequel to an already great game. Think of this as an Empire Strikes Back to Kotor One's A New Hope. Brilliant! Great even if you're not an RPG fan or a Star Wars fan, but it helps, trust me!