Written by  :  Jester236 (39)
Written on  :  Aug 20, 2003
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The first ever Star Wars RPG, and Bioware did an amazing job!

The Good

This game is nearly perfect. The fighting is real time based, and its much better than most games where the controls are scewed. Instead of pushing buttons and aiming yourself, just tell it what you want to do. For example: you could line up 4 different commands and heal your party, use a force power to increase your defense, and then attack your enemies. The sheer size of this game is amazing. The graphics are the BEST that you will ever see. If you move through grass, then the grass moves just like it would have in real life. There are dozens and dozens of sidequests that you can embark on like working for a secret bounty hunters guild, and by talking to most of the characters you can initiate sidequests specific to them and there past. There are over 40 force powers in this game divided into three sections, universal, light, and dark side powers. While dark side people can use light side force powers it will take a lot more force points than if you used a dark side force power. There are also feats. Each feat gives you something different such as implants or special attacks. There are three classes to choose from, the scoundrel, the scout, and Soldier. The scoundrel is not much of a fighter, he is the weakest, but can make the most out of essential skills.(that parts comin) The scout is a mix of the other two, he is more powerful than a scoundrel, and stills makes good use of essential skills. The soldier is the strongest and easiest to play as. He doesn't get hardly anything out of essential skills, but is nearly unbeatable in combat. The essential skills are computer use, repair, treat injury, stealth, persuade(this skill is only available to the main character as you do every bit of the talking), security, and a few more that I can't remember. The storyline is very good as well and it has a very weird twist, one that Star Wars has never seen before.

The Bad

There are two small things that are annoying(at least to me). The first is that sometimes 2/3 dialogue choices end up with the same answer. The second and worst is that when you go to different planets there is a cutscene of you lifting off and flying off in the distance, another where you are flying away from the world in space, another showing you going to lightspeed, one showing you coming to the planet in space and a last one showing you come in and land. While the graphics are good this gets to be very very anoying.

The Bottom Line

This game is a must have for anyone. I haven't played the comp. version but i suspect that it would be good too. This is the best game ever made, and has only 2-3 glitches. Buy it.