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    Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus is the perfect blend of fighting realism and stunning special effects. Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus delivers a classic battle between good and evil as two ancient Chinese clans of superfighters, each seeking to uncover the secrets of immortality, battle for dominance. Hand-to-hand combat is furiously intense with amazingly realistic fighting and stunning special effects.Arenas are highly interactive and destructive. When the fight ends, players will witness the devastation of battle.

    • Bone-Crunching Realism: Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus takes fighting to a new level of realism: clothing tears, blood spills, bruises swell and bones break.
    • Completely Interactive and Destructive Worlds:Players punch holes in walls and throw opponents through glass, or make acrobatic attacks by swinging around poles and flipping off walls.
    • Powerful Chi Attacks: Each fighter has the ability to unleash awesome special attacks, inflicting devastating damage on the enemy and the surroundings.
    • Personalised Soundtrack: Gamers can rip their own music to create a personalised soundtrack for the game.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Oct 08, 2010.

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    From the co-creator of "Mortal Kombat" comes the most brutal and lifelike hand-to-hand fighting game ever created. On the vicious streets and back alleyways of New China, two fierce fighting sects battle in a race to uncover the ultimate prize. Clothes will tear, blood will spill, and bones will break. To the victor, honor and immortality await!

    LIMB DAMAGE: Feel every torn muscle and broken limb as targeted strikes shatter bones, impacting your ability to fight.

    HYPER-REAL FIGHTERS: See every cut, gash, and bruise in real-time.

    INCREDIBLY DEEP FIGHTING SYSTEM: Each fighter has a distinctive style and more than 100 unique moves, throws and combos.

    COMPLETELY INTERACTIVE AND DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS: Throw your opponent through glass, swing around poles, and use the walls for fantastic aerial attacks.

    HARM OR HEAL: Build your Chi to unleash bone-crushing devastation on your enemies, or use it to heal your own battered body.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Apr 08, 2003.