Tenchu: Return from Darkness Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Ayame (dressed in her Ninja Armor) performing a stealth kill on an enemy Kunoichi in Gohda Castle.
Rikimaru and Tesshu perform a dual stealth kill in an Xbox Live co-op game.
Mifuyu vs. Kagura in an Xbox Live VS. game on the Battleground stage. Boss characters like these are unlocked as you progress through single player.
In a split-screen co-op game, Rikimaru are Ayame peek around a corner to watch for an oppurtunity to strike. The objective of this mission is to kill all enemies without being seen.
In a new single player stage, Samurai Mansion, Rikimaru looks around a corner waiting for an oppurtunity to sneak past the spear-carrying samurai.
Tesshu the doctor is about to puncture this Ronin in the new single player Samurai Mansion stage.
In Rikimaru's Bonus Stage, "Through The Portal", he peeks around the corner to watch for a chance to attack or sneak past.
Rikimaru has been spotted and is fighitng a police officer in Through The Portal. The officer has deflected the swing of Rikimaru's sword with his baton.