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XboxAddict (Sep 19, 2003)
I think Microids deserves alot of credit for this game, my gut tells me that the lack of "Star" power, and the comparison to the up and coming MS Tennis game may cause a few gamers to pass this little gem by. The addition of a create-a-player mode and some sort of system link or On-line capabilities would have put TMS near the top of this genre. But kudos for a solid and exciting gaming experience.
Tennis Masters Series 2003 is a pretty good tennis game. It’s not stupidly hard to beat and while there were a few A.I glitches overall it does a pretty good job and will keep you on your toes without appearing to cheat or win with cheap shots. The animations could have done with some more tweaking and if they could have spent some more time on them and made them as smooth as VT and also included real players on the roster then TMS 2003 would have easily been the best tennis game yet on any system.
Tennis Masters Series 2003 does a nice job with the official ATP license, but even so the decision to include only fictional players and no custom player feature is a bad move. More intuitive controls, deeper gameplay, real professional players and Xbox Live capabilities are vital if Microid wants to make this franchise strong and successful.
75 (Dec 09, 2002)
Eigentlich wäre Microids Tennis Masters Series 2003 eine durchaus gelungene Tennis-Sim. Das gemächliche Spieltempo und die zögerlichen Spielerbewegungen sind zwar etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber das facettenreiche Gameplay braucht sich nicht zu verstecken. Die Rasanz und Dynamik von realem Tennis wird zwar nicht annähernd erreicht, aber die Spielbarkeit ist durchaus gelungen. Der akute Mangel an Spielmodi und Optionen drückt allerdings gewaltig auf den Spielspaß - hier hat die Konkurrenz eindeutig mehr zu bieten. Zu zweit oder zu viert kommt zwar dennoch Wettkampfstimmung auf, aber gegenüber Segas Platzhirsch Virtua Tennis 2 muss man sich in jeder Hinsicht klar geschlagen geben. Und wer lediglich eine Xbox sein Eigen nennt, ist mit Slam Tennis nach wie vor am besten beraten, was virtuelle Filzballschlachten betrifft.
X-Power (May 04, 2003)
Aangezien het gebrek aan goede tennisspellen voor xbox heeft Microïds deze Tennis Masters Series 2003 uitgebracht. Zijn ze erin geslaagd om een goede tennisgame uit te brengen? Ja! Ze hebben een mooi, afgewerkt en leuk product afgeleverd met talrijke spelers, opties, een goede A.I. en vooral realistisch getint. De kleine minpuntjes wegen niet op tegen de goede kanten van het spel, dus alle tennisliefhebbers die nog een goed tussendoortje willen tot de dag dat Top Spin uitkomt, kan ik enkel deze game aanprijzen.
Worth Playing (Aug 06, 2003)
Tennis Masters Series 2003 was definitely a game with many hours of work behind it. I appreciate all of the little details that were put into this game, and how amazingly similar it is to actual tennis. However, this game just does not have much replayability. For the non-tennis fan, I would say rent this if you must, but you will probably be happier just skipping it. However, if you are a big tennis fan, this may be just the game for you. I would definitely recommend renting it in that case- you may be surprised at how realistic it is.
GameSpot (Aug 20, 2003)
The Tennis Masters series has been going on the PC for two years already, with each installment making a tangible improvement on its predecessor. Though this edition may be the most fully realized so far, it still has some noticeable shortcomings that keep it from delivering a truly satisfying game of tennis. If Microids can address the inconsistencies in the gameplay, and add more modes of play, thus creating a more full-featured product, this might be a series worth paying attention to.
65 (Dec 11, 2002)
Of course, Tennis Masters 2003 isn't without it's flaws, and these can be grating. Its very hard, the graphics can be a little blurry at times, and you haven't got the glamour of real players to compete with. The multiplayer mode is however highly enjoyable, and should keep you coming back for more long after the single-player game has grown too repetitive.
65 (Oct 11, 2002)
Un titre qu'il vaudra sans doute mieux découvrir sur PC dans la mesure où la version Xbox ne comporte pas l'option de création de joueurs. TMS 2003 n'a pas de véritable talon d'Achille, mais certains détails ainsi que les restrictions de gameplay font que le plaisir de jeu n'est pas vraiment là.
TeamXbox (Sep 04, 2003)
While tennis has never been one of my favorite sports to watch or play, tennis video games have always been entertaining. Tennis Masters Series 2003 has set a decent standard for tennis on the Xbox, but there is plenty of room for improvement. One of its best features is the detail to replicating a tennis simulation more so than an upbeat arcade-type of tennis. One thing to keep in mind is that Tennis Masters Series 2003 is priced at $29.99, so some of the drawbacks can be tolerated a bit more. Still, there is a lot to overlook and even at the value price upcoming tennis titles that sport a lot more features make Tennis Masters Series 2003 a rental at best.