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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 should be seen as the greatest game in a long line of excellent golf titles. This game is the culmination of six years of genre dominance. The new team game modes are fresh and fun, while the structure of the Team Tour is a perfect blend of team management and in-game strategy. It might not look as pretty as the upcoming Xbox 360 version or rock anyone’s world with drastically new gameplay, but this game gets everything right where it counts.
IGN (Oct 06, 2006)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is the greatest Tiger yet, but it's starting to feel like season five of The Sopranos. It's still the greatest show on TV, but it's starting to feel a bit stale. Maybe we have just become inoculated to the greatness; who knows? What is true is that the graphics and sound are straight out of 06, which is straight out of 05. That said, EA packed a ton of content and options onto that little disc, including difficulty sliders that will leave you bending your sand wedge over your knee. Tiger 07 is the best of the old Tiger; it's the best of the new Tiger; and it's still the best golf title on the market.
84 (Oct 17, 2006)
Obwohl die aktuelle Version einige Verbesserungen und sehenswerte, neue Kurse bietet beschleicht uns das Gefühl, dass die Entwickler im Sandbunker stecken geblieben sind. Eine Steuerungsfinesse hier, ein neuer Kurs da und die Einführung actionreicher Minigames dürften für viele Besitzer der Vorjahresversion kein ausreichendes Kaufargument sein. Dennoch wirkt die Serie sehr ausgereift und dürfte Fans des Sports begeistern – wer also noch keinen oder einen recht alten Tiger im Schrank hat, darf bedenkenlos zugreifen. Alle Anderen sollten sich gut überlegen, ob die neuen Features das Geld für eine Neuanschaffung wert sind!
TeamXbox (Oct 09, 2006)
As the series’ last hoorah on the Xbox Tiger Woods 07 succeeds with flying colors. For the first time in sports gaming history, it’s actually acceptable to bring gamers what they’ve had before. The last half decade of Tiger finds its way into the game in the form of game modes, options, and difficulty sliders. There are just enough new courses and players to make the game feel fresh if that’s what you’re looking for, but the real star of the show is the massive list of modes and options for you to tinker with.
GameSpy (Oct 23, 2006)
Is this game head and shoulders above Tiger Woods '06? We'd venture to say yes. The annoying gamebreakers are gone, more flexibility is in, and the gameplay is as tight as ever. It's kind of like that new $300 driver you buy every year... is the new year's model that much better than last year's? You're not sure, but you know you'll have a hell of a good time finding out.
GameSpot (Oct 13, 2006)
Tiger Woods 07 is a heck of game, but it's so similar to last year's version that the question "Does this game really need to be a yearly release?" should be asked. You get a few new golfers and courses, as well as a few more control and difficulty options, but the whole package is roughly the equivalent of an expansion disc. If you own Tiger Woods 06, there's little reason to pick up Tiger Woods 07, unless you're just dying for new content, minimal as it may be. That said, if you've never played a Tiger Woods game before, or you've been away from the series for a few years, Tiger Woods 07 is well worth a purchase.
Gamernode (Oct 24, 2006)
All-in-all, Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour 07 is an example of a golf game that is basically done right. The main gameplay is solid and the lengthy PGA Tour mode and Team Play mode will keep you quite busy for many hours. In addition, the Tiger development team has added a lot of game modes that will keep your interest in the game up and will appeal to both the seasoned golf fan and beginner. On the downside, production values are rather loose and inconsistent and the game has more than enough of its share of graphic, sound, physics and ball placement issues. But generally speaking, TW: 07 is still a good package for the armchair golfers among us.