TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

This is where your mission begins!
There are even more mini games in Future Perfect
The mini game info is as funny as it ever was
The time portal in Time Splitters 2 is sadly missing in Future Perfect
Your favourite characters are still here in this game
But there are loads of new playable ones too!
Some characters have found themselves repackaged!
Damage & Armour indicators are kept from Time Splitters 2
A new feature for Future Perfect is the ability to drive vehicles!
Sometimes you will end up fighting alongside yourself!
Blood makes a welcome return!
Kitty racing is one of the hilarious new arcade games!
The Temporal Uplink's design has been improved
This speeding train is full of enemies
A haunted, zombie filled mansion awaits you!
The snow effects are really quite good
The name of engine A 2 Looks familiar
Every level has a boss
the aiming system is changed in Future Perfect
Am i playing Time Splitters or Doom 3?
Head shots are mandatory on the harder setting
Beheading zombies is always fun!
The 1924 pistol can be fitted only with a silencer
The shotgun reloading animation is completely different from Time Splitters 2
The tranquilizer dart gun makes bad guys explode!
The 2041 sniper rifle has a handy shield as a secondary mode
The Temporal Up Link can move intermediate sized objects (Sill no jump button)
Although the humor is still there Future Perfect has very dark undertones