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Great Single-player game, but the true beauty of this game is the amazingly addictive and fun multiplayer. Jester236 (39) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.7

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Game Shark (Apr 21, 2004)
Pandora Tomorrow is a definite hit and a must have for any gamers collection. If you haven't checked out the previous Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell game in the past then you owe it to yourself to snatch this game up. After you are done with the arduous and spectacular single player potion of the game, the unique style of the multiplayer side of Pandora Tomorrow will keep you playing this game for a long time to come.
Game Revolution (Apr 15, 2004)
From its fantastic delivery to its tense gameplay to its innovative multiplayer, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is an absolute femme-fatale of a game. Stunning, smart, and deadly, Pandora Tomorrow one-ups its forbear while granting one of the most provocative multiplayer experiences ever to hit the console scene. Don't wait until tomorrow to pick it up.
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the reason the Xbox was created. I am sure at some point, Ubisoft will bring out a PS2 version of the game, but it's simply not going to be as good. You can't be a serious game player and not have this game. It's simply a must buy. It is the perfect sequel to a near perfect game. I can hardly think of anything wrong with the game. Another top-notch game from Ubisoft and, to be honest, it's now on my list for Game of the Year 2004.
AceGamez (2004)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is not revolutionary like the original, yet is just as much a must have title. It's oozing with every bit the quality of the original but is more refined, with even more attention to detail, more streamlined gameplay and more missions. The addition of the unique online modes makes this even more of a priority buy for gamers hooked up to Xbox Live. With some of the best graphics and sounds yet seen on Xbox and a gripping story to match, this is without doubt one of the best releases of the year and one for every Xbox owner to snap up.
1UP (Mar 12, 2004)
With single and multiplayer in one fat Xbox package, Tomorrow is, without a shadow of doubt, the best pure-stealth action game today.
GamePro (US) (Apr 02, 2004)
Even if you didn?t play the first Splinter Cell, you shouldn?t hesitate to pick up Pandora Tomorrow. It?s an unbelievable adventure that successfully ups its Splinter Cell reputation to an even higher standard of unforgettable action.
Gaming Age (Jul 30, 2004)
Those questions I'm afraid will have to go unanswered. But in spite of the few problems of the online mode (who knows they might even patch it) the answer to one question is certain. What is a game I should have in my Xbox library? I think you know the answer to that one.
But Pandora Tomorrow's biggest thrills are to be found in the multiplayer mode, where Xbox Live subscribers can meet three other friends online, split into rival teams of mercenaries and undercover agents, then try to outwit each other in a series of specially designed levels.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 07, 2006)
"Pandora Tomorrow" is an amazing package, hands down. The single-player mode is robust and challenging, and the multiplayer mode breaks new ground. Once the multiplayer servers are populated, a whole lot of social lives are going to be ruined. We'll see you online. Or -- if you're good and sneaky -- we won't until it's too late.
Considering the massive improvements to the game, it's hard to pass up on Pandora Tomorrow. If you're gaming on Live, this is the game you should be playing.
GameSpy (Mar 24, 2004)
Rather than bog your brain down with mindless, adjective-dosed chatter, I'm going to save you 1,700 words of reading and get straight to the point: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is cooler than an ice cream sundae in the artic, 300 pages of Tarantino dialogue, your own, personal robotic butler, or even a Mini Cooper with jet propulsion and side-retractable wings.
games xtreme (Apr 14, 2004)
So there you have it, the game's only real downside is that the AI can be a little too aggressive at times, but we need a challenge and perseverance is the key to victory. It might be a little short for some people, but that would be my only other gripe if I were to say I had another.
XboxAddict (Apr 12, 2004)
All in all, I love this game and realize that I will not be going near another Xbox Live game until Halo 2 comes out, or some sleeper hit decides to come out of the woodworks. I have faith in UbiSoft giving us enough downloadable content to keep us up more hours out of the night than our boss will allow and realize that this could possibly ruin a much needed summer for those that have suffered through a horrendous winter in the Northeast.
The single player campaign will span 8 levels and will take you about 10 hours to complete. The ending to the solo campaign is fairly weak, but the multiplayer aspects of Pandora Tomorrow really make up for it. Whether or not you are a fan of the Tom Clancy games, this is one of them everyone needs in their collection. The multiplayer alone will keep you busy for a long time. This game is a barefaced example of how sequels do not have to suck. Here is a perplexing question: how do you top this with Splinter Cell 3?
Gaming Target (Apr 02, 2004)
Once again Ubi Soft brings gamers everywhere a fantastic adventure that looks as good as it plays. Insane graphics, realistic and detailed missions, rich characters and story, as well as a multiplayer mode that’s nothing short of revolutionary, make Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow a phenomenal title that has few equals. I urge you to play it – right now.
IC-Games (Apr 08, 2004)
Splinter Cell is what the word “fluid” was invented for. Every action and every manoeuvre (including jumping) feels exactly how it should. Walk up to a ladder and you’ll climb it. Approach a box and carry on going forward and you’ll step on the box – while maintaining full control at all times. It’s such a simple approach, but it works so flawlessly. Countless times in games less deserving or important as this one you’ll be searching for the correct button to climb down a pole, or navigate a ladder. Well throw out all bad habits you may have learnt. Splinter Cell plays like an absolute dream, except this isn’t a dream – its gaming nirvana.
TeamXbox (Mar 24, 2004)
If you can’t tell already from reading through this review, Pandora Tomorrow is an incredible game and the best overall Xbox title I’ve played this year. Coming from someone that gave Ninja Gaiden a 9.6, that’s saying something. Every single aspect of the original game has been improved upon: the story, the interface, the gameplay, visuals, so on and so on. When you tie in the multiplayer game modes (which are like nothing you’ve played before), Pandora Tomorrow is an early candidate for game of the year. My only gripe is that the single-player game had to end. Sure, this may sound like a lot of big talk, but go and pick up Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow on the 27th and just try to tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya. I double dog dare ya. It’s not gonna happen.
Video Games Daily (Apr 16, 2003)
The only thing wrong with SC: PT is that the single player missions had to end. Luckily the multiplayer adds almost endless longevity to the game. SC: PT is the complete package. It excels in every category and is just immensely fun to play.
GamersMark (Apr 01, 2004)
To be perfectly honest, you don’t have to of played and completed the original Splinter Cell to be able to enjoy Pandora Tomorrow. Hell, I never got half way through the original, and I love Pandora Tomorrow. It’s just an added bonus to have completed the original. Maybe after I’m finished with Pandora Tomorrow, I’ll go back and finish SC….nah, I’ll be too hooked on the multiplayer capabilities of Pandora Tomorrow to be able to put it down. Yes, it’s that addicting. Ubisoft made the potential GOTY 2004 title right here...assuming Halo 2 doesn’t live up to all the hype.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 09, 2004)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is not an ordinary game. Sure it's released early in the year and some bugs and glitches have been sighted in the multiplayer, but this might be a Game of the Year candidate come December. The near perfect sound, graphics, and gameplay are more than enough to keep you latched on to this title for a long time. And with multiple ways of beating certain missions, it wouldn’t hurt to go back and play the whole thing all over again (for it isn't that long to begin with).
GameZone (Apr 12, 2004)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow flirts tantalizingly close to gaming perfection. All of the components are here, so with a little tuning for the inevitable follow up, perfection and pure gaming nirvana should be well within their grasp. Without a doubt this is one of the greatest, best-conceived games of this or any generation of consoles. This game deserves a place in every gamer’s library.
HonestGamers (Aug 25, 2004)
So it may not have been the fully fledged sequel that perhaps you were expecting it to be, but then again... so what? It's not as if there was anything fundamentally wrong with its predecessor anyway... and it does give players something to do while the true Splinter Cell sequel is being developed. What more could you have possibly asked for? UBI Soft Shanghai have successfully refined everything that made the the original Splinter Cell what it was while still managing to keep things fresh for players returning to the series. In a way, Pandora Tomorrow's many improvements have simply served to re-established the fact that Splinter Cell is indeed the stealth action game to beat. Whether you've come for the excellent single player campaign or have simply found yourself drawn to it by the tense multiplayer action on offer, one shining truth has been made abundantly clear. Sam Fisher is here to stay...
Ubisoft is an amazing company and I love just about everything they put out. They could make Virtual Hydlide (horrible Sega Saturn game) into a great game. Yes, they are that good at what they do! I highly recommend playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The 17 levels are plenty to keep you busy, and the online mode offers even more replay value. Well? What are you waiting for? Steal your parents’ car and drive to the mall immediately to buy the game!
PGNx Media (May 27, 2004)
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is a real kicker. While it lacks innovation in the single player portion, I don’t think anyone else could have crafted such a unique way to play the game in multiplayer. If you’re planning on playing online, it’s a must have game. If you don’t plan on playing online, the single-player game is still awesome, just don’t expect many changes.
Netjak (Apr 30, 2004)
With an excellent single-player experience, and an innovative and nearly peerless multiplayer mode, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is an early contender for game of the year.
TalkXbox (Apr 02, 2004)
Ubisoft made a wonderful decision by adding multiplayer to Splinter Cell. Had they only released the single player portion of the game, I would have ranked Pandora Tomorrow a good bit lower. Don’t get me wrong, the single player is great, but it has a “been there, done that” type feel most of the way through. I find it a lot more interesting to try to sneak past living breathing human beings than computer controlled AI any day. Pandora Tomorrow is an excellent game overall with a solid single player experience combined with and extraordinary multiplayer. I highly recommend it to fans of the stealth action genre and casual gamers alike.
Several times during this game, I had to stop playing and drag a witness over to my desk to share the amazing sights unfolding on my screen. Other times I had to stop and praise the intelligent, surprising plot points. And others, I simply had to gloat about how many times I snapped Joe’s neck in multiplayer. This, my friends, is a game that keeps on giving.
IGN (Mar 24, 2004)
Make no mistake Splinter Cell was and still is one of our favorite titles for the Xbox. The ideas behind the sequel, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, including more spy gadgetry, more intelligent enemy AI and the unprecedented online multiplayer mode, were more than enough to get us salivating all over again. Now that it's here and ready to be enjoyed by all, we're convinced more than ever that this franchise is here to stay and this game in particular is a major contributor to the evolution of the stealth-action genre that used to be dominated by Konami's Metal Gear Solid series. This time, the solo campaign isn't the main attraction. In fact that component of the game is slightly improved over the original. It's the all-new online multiplayer mode that steals the show for Pandora Tomorrow and makes this a must own videogame experience.
There is a lot to love about Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. If gamers can overcome the trial and error type of play, they will find that this title entertains for many hours. This is a must buy for fans of the genre.
Game Chronicles (May 31, 2004)
If you were a fan of the original Splinter Cell then Pandora Tomorrow is a great extension of that game and an obviously addition to your game library. Everything you loved about the first game is back and better than before. Sam’s new moves and gadgets are excellent and tightly integrated into the missions so they aren’t there just for the sake of having something new.
Daily Game (Apr 13, 2004)
And "mature" is exactly what Pandora Tomorrow did in Ubisoft’s development cellar. Like a fine red wine, Pandora Tomorrow is immediately recognizable as good, yet it’s destined to be treasured because of its outstanding subtleties. Unfortunately, like a fine red wine, Pandora Tomorrow is also consumed far too soon (with one of the most disappointing endings ever), leaving you craving the next bottle that vintner Ubisoft will release. Being a sequel to a smash-hit is never easy, but this is one instance where the game, in spite of its flaws, comes together as a complete package to more than fill its predecessor’s shoes. Pandora Tomorrow is one game no Xbox owner should miss. Now if only we knew the next game was just around the corner....
92 (Mar 29, 2004)
Besser geht es fast nicht mehr. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow spielt sich so unglaublich spannend und abwechslungsreich, dass es den ohnehin schon tollen Vorgänger übertrifft. Ubisoft präsentiert hier das beste Schleich-Agenten-Spiel ever, bei dem einfach alles passt. Ein Extralob gibt es für den gelungenen und motivierenden Mehrspielermodus, der überraschend gut funktioniert. Insgesamt ist Pandora Tomorrow somit ein superbes Spiel und ein absoluter Must-Have-Titel, den sich wirklich niemand entgehen lassen sollte.
Wham! gaming (Apr 02, 2004)
With a single player mode that has only improved on the last version, and multiplayer action that is every bit the equal of the single player fun, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow now stands as an Xbox defining title. Buy it, rent it, do all of the above – Just make damn sure you play this game.
Game Over Online (Apr 15, 2004)
Pandora Tomorrow is a game you pick up for the interesting and psychologically taut multiplayer, and maybe, if you're bored, check out the well-designed but uneven singleplayer mode. It's not without its flaws--I think multiplayer could do with one more person on each team, given the size of the levels, and singleplayer has that issue with superhuman guards I was talking about--but it's still a pretty good purchase for stealth action gamers.
GameSpot (Mar 24, 2004)
The single-player and multiplayer portions of Pandora Tomorrow are both highly impressive and add up to an experience that will surely appeal to anyone remotely interested in a game of high-tech stealth action.
90 (Mar 29, 2004)
Kann man ein klasse Spiel noch besser machen? Pandora Tomorrow zeigt, wie es auszusehen hat! Bei Einzelspielern stellt sich zwar hin und wieder der Verdacht ein, dass die acht Missionen auch im Rahmen eines Add-Ons hätten veröffentlicht werden können, doch die zahlreichen neuen Features und Verbesserungen rechtfertigen auch den Vollpreis. Grafik, KI, Atmosphäre, Bewegungsmöglichkeiten, Steuerung: überall wurde gefeilt und geschraubt. Mit dem Ergebnis, dass Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow der derzeit beste Schleicher am Markt ist. Besonders lohnenswert ist PT jedoch wegen des sehr gut umgesetzten und innovativen Multiplayer-Modus, der dem Spiel eine neue Dimension gibt und der ein ums andere Mal ans Pad bzw. an die Maus bittet. Die Karten sind abwechslungsreich, das Balancing zwischen Spionen und Söldnern fast perfekt und nur die Limitierung auf vier Spieler nagt geringfügig am Spaß.
Console Obsession (Jun 03, 2010)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is dangerously close to perfection, it’s visually beautiful with a fantastic, immersive single player mode and an even better multiplayer mode, which will keep you playing well after the main game is complete. This is quite simply the finest stealth game yet released and is unlikely to be beaten for quite some time.
In the end Pandora Tomorrow is sweet on all platforms, even if some compensations had to be made because of hardware. The game's sweet online features and engaging single-player gaming are still reason enough to give Sam Fisher a spin on whatever system you own. Just remember if you do pick up the game that you're going to have a bumpy ride at times.
Whether wanting a single or multiplayer experience, this game exceeds on both counts. Fans of the original game will lap up the further adventures of Sam Fisher whilst waiting for Splinter Cell 2 to be released in 2005, and Live gamers will enjoy this for the unique experience on offer. Ubisoft have followed the blueprint other successful franchises have used in developing a sequel which matches or surpasses the original in every department, and with the addition of a revolutionary multiplayer game, they have pushed the genre into previously unexplored areas.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Mar 29, 2004)
Sound certainly plays large role in setting the scene, with a suitably tense ambient soundtrack that builds and dies depending on the action occurring on-screen. Sam’s voice acting is particularly of a high standard, whilst the concise interchanges between Sam and his colleagues will please anyone who has become sick of the sight of them. Sadly the overall quality of the voice-acting is let down by some of the secondary characters, with all voices coming out as English despite wherever Sam may be in the world; in a game such as Pandora Tomorrow which places emphasis on player immersion, this sadly lets down the overall experience by a considerable margin.
Worth Playing (Jul 15, 2004)
Pandora Tomorrow is fantastic. Even if you didn’t like the first game so much, if you have access to Live, you would be doing yourself a disservice to pass this game up. The single player is good, but the multiplayer is awe-inspiring. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up along with a Live kit if you don’t have one already. Now.
Game Critics (May 05, 2004)
Combined, these two games add up to a phenomenal package. Pandora Tomorrow is a truly outstanding game that, though not without a few flaws, surpasses the original in every respect.
90 (Mar 23, 2004)
Encore meilleur que le premier Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow réalise la performance de nous surprendre encore tout en respectant les bases établies il y a plus d'un an. Que ce soit pour son mode solo ou pour le multijoueur, ce titre mérite votre plus grande attention. C'est ce que l'on appelle une réussite totale et indiscutable.
89 (Apr 19, 2004)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the most complete stealth game out there. The combination of breathtaking graphics, improved gameplay and a monster multiplayermode makes this game indispensable. So silently sneak to a nearby gamestore, grab the employee in a stranglehold and demand a free copy. Or take the more conservative road: save some money and buy the game!
I''d say the game is appropriate for anyone over the age of 11 even though its rated Teen. You are only actually forced to kill one person and there is no blood or gore whatsoever. You have the option to kill enemies in certain situations; but as I said, its an option. You can always just avoid them altogether or knock them out cold. Swearing is only used when enemies are totally confused and there is only one swear word in the game's vocabulary and needless to say, its one of the more minor swears.
Gamezine (Mar 21, 2004)
Lors de la sortie import de Ninja Gaiden sur cette même console, je croyais avoir rencontré le plus beau jeu de la Xbox. J'avais tort, car Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow enfonce un peu plus le clou ! Mais jusqu’où vont-ils pouvoir aller ? C'est vraiment magnifique. Malgré toute cette beauté, le jeu n'a rien de révolutionnaire et n'a d’ailleurs pas l'ambition de l’être. Entre un mode à plusieurs très sympa et une meilleure utilisation des environnements, ce Splinter Cell ne donne pas l'impression de jouer à du vrai Splinter Cell 2. Il me fait plus l'effet d'un add-on avec des améliorations graphiques. Je ne vous gâcherai pas votre plaisir, ceux qui ont adoré le premier vont certainement préférer ce nouvel opus mais, reconnaissons-le, le scénario sonne encore creux. C'est du Sam Fisher tout craché, à réserver à ceux qui ont aimé le premier volet. Il ne faut donc pas s'attendre à un titre innovant, c’est juste Splinter Cell, mais en mieux.
Factornews (Apr 09, 2004)
Si la campagne solo laisse un goût d’inachevé par son manque d’améliorations, le mode multijoueur de Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow innovant respire la finition tant il est difficile de lui trouver des défauts. Bien sûr, il faudra un assez long temps d’apprentissage, mais une fois la maîtrise de tous les paramètres et des cartes acquises, il sera bien difficile d’en décrocher. Un jeu indispensable, à condition bien évidemment de posséder le Xbox Live.
X-Power (Apr 14, 2004)
Op grafisch vlak komen alle superlatieven tekort! Gameplaymatig is UbiSoft er in geslaagd om een realistische stealthervaring te brengen, met Hollywoodallures! Toch is het jammer dat je meestal slechts 1 route hebt. Op strategische plaatsen staat er net een obstakel in de weg, waar een supergetrainde spion als Sam niet overheen kan: Meer vrijheid zou wenselijk zijn!
Boomtown (Apr 27, 2004)
The graphics are reminiscent of the original game and in fact the character models are the same. They still work well and haven’t dated significantly and when coupled with the lighting system and scenery present a good graphical update. The new multiplayer options definitely add longevity, especially with the promise of downloadable content. Pandora Tomorrow is a good game and if it wasn’t for the original Splinter Cell title would definitely be worthy of higher praise. As it is, it should definitely appease fans of the original and is sufficiently improved over the original that those who decided against the original should definitely reconsider.
80 (Aug 27, 2004)
Of course, there are the usual hurdles with any online title. Cheating and glitching can be a real problem. If you cast yourself into the community then you will run into those who cheat endlessly to secure a superficial and meaningless rank, you will also have to deal with an ever growing cast of players who refuse to play Pandora Tomorrow the way it was intended.
80 (UK) (Apr 07, 2004)
To sum up, recommending Pandora Tomorrow is easy. Its single-player campaign, despite a few minor but welcome enhancements is broadly a case of more of the same, and we can't entirely blame Ubi for deciding to milk its popularity because it's a damn good game in its own right. There were standout moments of gaming genius in there, and a handful of occasions that sent our smash-o-meter off the scale, but if you can put up with these then you're in for 20-odd hours of richly atmospheric gameplay. If the idea of multiplayer attracts you as well, then it's basically a must-have, especially if you can convince a few mates to get involved so that you're learning the ropes together. Anyone with affection for Mr Fisher shouldn't hesitate in buying this, but remember that extra padding...
If you're an Xbox Live owner, I can't recommend this game enough. It is a completely new experience, and unlike anything I've ever played online - in fact you can raise the score to a 9 if you're a regular Xbox Live player - definitely one to have in your collection.
SwankWorld (2004)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is a great follow up to a great game. The same tried-and-true gameplay still holds well and the addition of the multiplayer component is totally welcome, especially when it offers a totally different experience from the single player component. Anyone who is into stealth action who hasn't given the original game a try will definitely get their kicks here.
Även om jag tycker att Pandora Tomorrow med ganska enkla medel kunde ha blivit en både mer spännande och gripande upplevelse så är det riktigt bra. För trots att Sam Fisher är svår att stå ut med vill man i alla fall se nästa bana och klara nästa uppdrag.
70 (Aug 09, 2004)
Worth buying just for the single player Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is not. For the patient gamer who doesn’t mind dying a lot before learning the game, online is a great experience worth having. Those not willing to learn every path through every map, the many dos and don’ts, and when to attack and when to stay hidden will find themselves very irritated real fast. If your not sure try it out and see if you’re up for the commitment.
Game Critics (Jun 30, 2003)
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow provides limited fun by letting players hide in great-looking shadows to cap unsuspecting guards, but it lacks the organic, natural feel needed to create sufficient immersion. Running from dark corner to dark corner only gets you so far, and with a character of Sam's potential it's a shame they don't give you a usable map and let you go about business the Hitman way. Taking into account Sam's tech and techniques, something along those lines would undoubtedly be the best stealth game out there. As it stands I can appreciate what Ubisoft is going for, but it still leaves me feeling hollow and hungry for more.