Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Nov 12, 2002
Platform  :  Xbox

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Is it good?.......Yes it is.

The Good

Here it is, freshly cracked out of the box. THPS4. Im holding it in my hands right now as I type this. I've played it a few times so far, and that is enough for my review.

The graphics are amazing. It's so smooth, there's no curvy lines that ruin most of my XBOX ventures. I loved the falling animations, and all the characters look so cool. The area's are so great, and they look so detailed and texture-rich. It's an overload of awesome graphics. GFX-5 / 5

Gameplay was great, as pulling off stunts and all that is easy, but not too ease. All the popular grinds and tricks are back, as well as some new tricks and stunts. GMPLY-5 / 5

The Bad

The sound is okay, but not the greatest. I didn't focus on the music, because I hate all THPS music, but it is still good to hear. I turned off the sound because of the annoying music, but the sound was okay. SND-2 / 5

The Bottom Line

Overall, the game is great, but the sound brings it down to my rating of (((( 4 / 5 ))))