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    The makers of the runaway FIFA series turn their hand to football management. Can you handle the responsibility?

    Pit your wits against the best managers in the world in Total Club Manager 2005! Whether your team is battling to win European glory, or struggling in the relegation zone, their performance is down to the decisions you make. Can you handle the pressures that a modern day football manager faces?

    A deep, thorough database, packed with officially licensed teams and leagues makes for the ultimate in management realism, as you make decisions that have real implications on your precious team. This is the deepest and most accurate data ever seen in the Total Club Manager series.

    New to the game is an 'Interactive Manager Dugout' which allows you to watch games unfold in 3D while viewing all the essential statistics and information on your team's performance. Make the right choice and change the course of the match!

    Other new additions include custom formations and individual player instructions, giving you even more complete control over the management experience. Become the Total Club Manager!

    • The most authentic data makes for a realistic management experience

    • Witness matches in 3D from a virtual manager dugout

    • Customise formations and instruct individual players

    • Your decision-making is the difference between success and failure!

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Apr 03, 2008.

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    F E A T U R E S
      Bring the pressure of management to your fingertips. Control your team from the touchline by studying vital match information. Adjust tactics and use a wide range of player shouts to influence the outcome. Keep a close eye on player fitness, ratings and territorial possession, all without pausing the game.
      Get to know your team inside out with Total Club Manager 2005's comprehensive player databases from over 20 fully licensed national leagues. As well as their on-pitch skills, each player has an expanded range of character traits, including leadership, temperament and the will to win.
      With a wealth of tactical options and ultra-responsive AI the players react to every tactical tweak and change. Create up to 100 new formations with the tactics editor and save them for future uses. The new TV-style highlights package lets you watch the game's key moments, listen to commentary and view match facts.
      With a massive database of more tan 40,000 towns & cities from England, Scotland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can create a club from your hometown. Design your club badge, kits and stadium then take your team from obscurity to European Football glory!
      Use Football Fusion to export your game into FIFA Football 2005 and play the most important game of your career.

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13621) on Mar 22, 2006.
    From the makers of FIFA Football (the world's #1 selling sports game), Total Club Manager 2005 will pit your football wits against the best managers in the world. Whether you are scrapping for points in a relegation battle, or on the verge of European victory, TCM 2005 will guarantee you feel the pressures of the modern day football manager.

    A deeper more thorough database (with officially licensed leagues, teams and players), as well as improved tactical realism in a stunning 3D world will allow for a more realistic management experience. An all-new 3D highlights package (PC only) is also included to allow the manager to view key moments in the game.

    TCM's all new hi-res interface, player stat system and key game modes such as 'Create a Club' (PC only) further push the boundaries of football management simulation.

    Key features Realism and Authenticity
    The new database initiative is on track to deliver the deepest and most accurate data we have ever offered in TCM.

    Player skill rating
    Player skills are now out of 0-99 instead of –1 to +2. This allows the manager to assess players with more depth on each of their skills. (PC only)

    Player stats
    30 different stats per player as opposed to 16 in TCM 2004. (PC only)

    Importance of form and morale
    Form becomes more important whilst morale becomes less important. (PC only)

    Character traits
    A whole set of new and added character traits per player on all platforms.

    All new 3D Engine
    The new 3D match engine for 2005 ensures that your players follow the tactics you have set up. With more tactical options and completely new AI, TCM 2005 has the definitive 3D match engine.

    All new Highlights package
    The PC highlight mode combines match commentary and key statistical information and then transports you to the 3D match when a key moment occurs.

    Data comes to Life
    An all-new immersive and innovative experience comes to life in TCM 2005. The 'Interactive Manager Dugout' allows the manager to watch the game unfold in glorious 3D whilst he can view the latest information about his team and current opponents. This includes: Fitness/Fatigue rating, Player rating, Goals / Cards, Individual player stats, Overall team stats, Territorial possession stats.

    'Interactive Manager Dugout'
    This feature allows the manager to bark out more orders to his team and change tactics throughout the game. In addition, the latest scores from around the league are updated as they occur.

    More Leagues and Players
    Total Club Manager will include all the players and teams from the leagues in England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy...and many more from around the world. More details to follow.

    Your town, Your club
    Total Club Manager 2005 allows the manager to create his own club (PC only). With a database of over 30,000 English and German towns / cities, the manager can literally set up a club from his hometown. Create your club badge, kits and stadium and then take them from obscurity to European glory.

    Custom Team Formations
    New for console: Create and save up to 10 different custom formations so the manager can set up the formation that works best for his team.

    Individual Player Instructions
    New for console: With 8 different tactical instructions, the manager can precisely define what each player should be doing on the pitch.

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13621) on Mar 19, 2006.