TRON 2.0 Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Your character, Jet Bradley.
Bruce Boxleitner returns as Alan Bradley.
"Archive bins" have important items and programs to be downloaded.
Derezzing a guard with the disc.
Configuring your memory. Load programs for specific powerups.
Using an energy weapon.
Load the Profiler subroutine, and get information on enemies.
The Kernel is responsible for system defense.
The loading area for the lightcycle arena.
The glow effect and sharp lines mimic vector graphics.
Jet gets an upgraded lightcycle as part of the plot.
Rebecca Romijn as Mercury.
Zapping a guard with the rod weapon.
Corrupted programs have a sickly green color.
The corruption is spreading!
Splitscreen mutiplayer is available.