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Back of Keep Case - Xbox (US):
    Exclusive Collector's Edition Content:
    - Extort gameplay tips, tricks and level fly-throughs
    - Trespass "Behind the Scenes" to see the making of True Crime® New York City
    - Confiscate Redman's secret level cheat code and watch his interview
    - Witness interrogations of the stars of True Crime&Reg; New York City including : Laurence Fishburne, Redman, Mariska Hargitay, Traci Lords, Beetlejuice and more
    - Patrol True Crime's New York City and get an inside look at its re-creation
    - Seize rap sheets to uncover details on the four gangs facing Marcus
    - Score True Crime's famous "City Guide" videos and trailers
    - Search the Map of New York City containing helpful locales, tips, precincts, hints and more. Presented by Brady Guide.

    Contributed by Sciere (505796) on Jul 05, 2006.