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GameZone (Apr 04, 2003)
Although very little has changed since UFC 1, fighting fans will find a lot to like about UFC Tapout 2. It is, at heart, one of the best unconventional brawling titles out there. UFC fans, though, will be disappointed by the fact that the game hardly ever “beefs” up the televised-style presentation to make the fights seem as memorable as they are in real life. Still, the realism and fun this game offers is worth the purchase price.
GamePro (US) (May 02, 2003)
The Xbox finally wins a round. With a lackluster lineup of average to less-than-average fighting games, the system needed a boost in the ring?fortunately UFC: Tapout 2 will help it get back on its feet.
Game Chronicles (Jun 21, 2003)
I had a good time playing UFC: Tapout 2. It was definitely more fun playing with a rowdy group of guys and the matches seemed to last longer the more we drank. The solo modes are challenging and fun and you have the satisfaction of generating your own character with a nice creation engine. If you enjoy UFC on TV and don’t already have the first version then I can easily recommend this title to you.
IGN (Mar 18, 2003)
If you didn't buy the first Tapout, then the sequel is definitely a worthy pick-up. The game's a lot of fun for both single and multiplayer. However, if you've played the original, this one really isn't worth the $50. While there are improvements and more fighters, it's just not enough to merit spending that much money. If you see it later for $20 or maybe even $30, definitely grab it, but I was pretty disappointed in how little was changed. This series needs an overhaul next year if it's to go anywhere besides down the drain.
Gaming Target (Apr 18, 2003)
In all honestly, this really is a good game, but with the original having been out for a while now, you’re better off picking that up for maybe half the price – this game series is certainly worth a look if you’re searching for a slightly off-beat fighter, or if you just want a break from the same-old same-old fighting formula, but it’s hard to see anyone wanting to go out and buy this incarnation when the first is available for perhaps half the cost and is just as good of a game. Do rent either Tapout or Tapout 2 if you haven’t yet, but don’t bother buying the second unless you have money to burn and a strong desire to have the newest version of everything.
GameSpot (Mar 26, 2003)
Overall, UFC: Tapout 2 has some strengths, but they're the same strengths that the previous Tapout game had. The game doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, and the game's AI flaws make it a very dull single-player experience. Even devout fans of the sport would be better off with the previous Tapout game, or, if they own a PlayStation 2, THQ's Pride FC.
So, what went wrong? Tapout 2 has both a new developer and publisher than the original - both rookies in MMA. Thus, it's as much a first effort as it is a sequel. No ambition equals low score. That's just the way it goes.
Mygamer.com (Aug 28, 2004)
I've watched UFC before, and it's pretty cool, with a mix of different fighting styles and the ability to make your opponent tap out in pain. It was exciting and always interesting to watch. Unfortunately, UFC Tapout 2 is the exact opposite, boring and bland. TDK just didn't capture the whole feel of the real UFC this time around.
TeamXbox (Apr 07, 2003)
Could the gameplay be any more repressing? It is truly unfortunate to see that this game, a graphical masterpiece with great Xbox sound features, is so heavily weighed down by lack of options and unique modes. Had the actual fighting system been a little, or a lot better, this game would be a favorite among multiplayer fanatics and single player fighting fans alike. I would highly recommend, if not insist, on a rental of this game first. However, if you liked the first one, you might feel right at home with this one.
GameSpy (Apr 14, 2003)
The UFC series seems to have gone a bit stagnant. It was easier to get by with incremental improvements before Pride FC came out. Since THQ's game has raised the bar, however, TDK needs to invest in some serious development improvements if UFC is to reclaim its place as the champion of MMA games. For now it's just a strong contender, not the champ.