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Urban Chaos: Riot Response (Xbox)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response Credits


Chief Executive OfficerJane Cavanagh
Commercial DirectorBill Ennis
Financial DirectorRob Murphy
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
External Development ManagerLee Singleton
Creative DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
Marketing DirectorDave Clark
ProducerAlex Camilleri
Assistant ProducerJoe Best
Executive DesignerDax Ginn
DesignerRussell Kerrison
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
QA SupervisorsIan Rowsell, David Isherwood
Lead QAJason Claridge, Tim Dunn
QA TechniciansAllen Elliott, Damian Bennett, David Klein, David Sangan, Femi Sani, George Wright, Germaine Mendes, James Hinchliffe, Matthew Poon, Naomi Westlake, Neil Delderfield, Carl Perrin, Daniel Webster, Dominic Andoh, Henley Bailey, Hugo Hirsh, Marcus Smikle, Peter Evans, Richard Acherki, Steven Inman, William Wan, Alistair Hutchison
Sebior Localisation ManagerMonica Dalla Valle
Localisation CoordinatorRalf Bauer
QA Localisation SupervisorArnaud Messager
Localisation QA Lead TechnicianPedro Geppert
Head of BrandLarry Sparks
Senior Brand ManagerFabien Rossini
Brand ManagerHelen Clark
Creative ManagerQuinton Luck
Senior DesignerJodie Brock
WebmasterOlaf Siebert
Company SecretaryAnthony Price
PRChris Glover, Gareth Ramsay, Emily Britt
SalesJustin Gaffney, Trudy Hilary, Chris Walton, Karin Pabon, Sarah Markwick
OperationsCallum Jay, Richard Lever, James Bailey
Voice CastingCheryl Prince, Side UK
Voice DirectionJonathan Ashley, Side UK
Sound EngineerPhil Evans, Side UK
ManualJames Lenoël (Lenoël Creative)
Special Thanks to:Paul Wright, Martin Hasselbring, Riia Jaakkola, Nicola Corbett, Luke Timms, Casper Gray, Katie Blundell, Emily Jackson, Simon Hewitt, Matthew Freeman, Larry Young, James Cox, Winnie Leung, Julia Atkinson, Risa Cohen, Marc Jackson, Marc Webb, Stephan Manners, Wolf Armouries Camden, Babel Media, Neil Donnell, Kathryn Clements, Steven Blackburn, Mike Merrin, Alex Chapman, Matt Godbolt, Nik Hemmings, Lucien Hoare, Callum Jay, Dave Lowry, Lani Minella, Audiogoodz, Ian Palmer, Matthew Porter, Jean-François Vanelle, Marc Webb, Stephan Manners, Mustapha Bismi, and all of our friends and family for their support and all who worked on project

Rocksteady Studios

Executive ProducersSefton Hill, Jamie Walker
ProducerNathan Burlow
Audio ManagerNick Arundel
Lead AnimatorJames Norman
Lead ArtistJohn Southgate
Lead DesignerPaul Crocker
Lead ProgrammersJon Forshaw, Anthony Lloyd
AnimationNiamh Tierney
Senior ArtistsDavid Moss, David Hego, Glen Saberton, Eros Tang
ArtistsMatthew Bell, Jack Griffin, Paul Sparkes
Design TeamIan Ball, Paul Saunders
Multiplayer DesignAdrian Hill
Programming TeamAlice Easey, John Gay, Tim Hanagan, Simon Hargrave, Martin Piper, Tim Rennie, Ben Wyatt
QA ManagerGerald Smith
QA TestingAnthony Pepper

Music Credits

Modern Romance2005 Metro Riots. Written by Holmes/Ray/Parker/Holmes. Published by Copyright control
Hazchem Remedy2005 Metro Riots. Written by Holmes/Ray/Parker/Holmes. Published by Copyright control
DJ Quest - 'Muffled Mayhem'Written and Produced by M.Britnell. Licensed by Cyber Music Group 2005. Published by Copyright Control

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Credits for this game were contributed by Martin Piper (43)