Urban Chaos: Riot Response (Xbox)

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Written by  :  Classic Nigel (150)
Written on  :  Jan 13, 2008
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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"There's A Crime Happening Somewhere".

The Good

Urban Chaos: Riot Response is a First Person Shooter on the Xbox and was released in 2006 so it is a last bang for Xbox owners everywhere and as they say you should always go out with a bang and this game is full of bangs and blasts as you wade through a jungle of a city filled with a fierce and brutal new gang The Burners in the game you assume the role of Nick Mason an ex-marine who comes back to his home town when hears from his father how bad crime has gotten and when his dad is then killed on the job as a policeman determined to stop this crime from ruining his home town he becomes part of the new riot control team T-Zero and must to various locations to stop the gangs like city streets, a construction site, and a subway among others throughout the games 17 missions there are a lot of psychopathic gang members who have it in for you armed with guns, axes, and saws these guys mean serious business.

Besides the Main 11 story missions there are 6 Emergency Situations in which you have to go through a level crawling with gang members rescue a city official, and extract him but be careful because you are timed in this mode each mission also has sub objectives like get 20 head shots, 10 non-lethal takedowns, arrest the gang leader, never die, and collect 5 masks for evidence which allows you to unlock new weapons and levels this adds replay value to the game because if you missed an objective the first time around go back and play again and its still fun to do so.

The sound in this game works well within the game there isn’t much in the music department but the voice acting is solid and the live action acting in the news reports at the beginning level work well. The control in the game is excellent I never once wish I had a keyboard instead like I do when I play a FPS on consoles the buttons are well mapped and is not overly complicated which often happens to games on consoles when the controller doesn’t have very many buttons.

The Bad

Now the bad the graphics in this game are extremely dated there are Xbox launch games that look better than this, this is especially bad considering that at this point at the Xbox’s run must people had seen what Xbox 360 was capable of and even good looking games Xbox games were starting to look bad and dated. In the game even though the riot shield is a nice addition you sometimes have to relay on it too much which is good in a way because it means its not just a gimmick but you almost have to use it too much at certain times.

The Bottom Line

Overall this is a fun FPS for the Xbox and any fan of First Person Shooters who has an Xbox should have a look at this game it may not be revolutionary like Half-Life, or Doom but this game is still enormous fun and has an amazingly high replay value for a game of this type