Vietcong: Purple Haze Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

The very red title screen.
The options screen is were you can set up your game.
The campaign menu lets you pick your weapons for that level.
Loading screens give you tips on how to play.
The pause menu shows your objectives.
The intro screen shows one of your squad members.
Cutscenes link in nicely with the action.
This guy is who you will be playing.
The map is handy for finding locations.
Freeing hostages is part of some levels.
Always blow up V.C creches when you find them.
You can control your squad with the black button (whether they actually do it is another matter!)
The radio keeps you updated on aspects of your mission.
The binoculars are good for spotting wildlife!
Binoculars are also good for spotting sleeping V.C!
Trip wire traps are everywhere in the jungle.
These types of trap are particularly nasty.
The Sergeant is in charge of the training area (And he will make sure you know about it!)
It's not just the jungle you have to fight in!
The jungle has some difficult terrain you will have to cross.
The medic looks a little worried there!
The chopper is the only way in and out of the jungle on some levels.
Your point man knows the jungle like the back of his hand!
This is the guy you need when you want the V.C mowed down in a hurry.
You can take weapons from killed V.C.