Voodoo Vince Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Title screen
Kosmo has sent his goons to break into Charmaine's.
Our hero
Vince can spin attack with X.
These Icons give you another Voodoo Power to use.
Press L and R to activate a random Voodoo Power.
The Power has a radius effect that destroys nearby enemies.
Pick up the gems to refill your Voodoo Meter.
Kosmo turns up to find out what's going on.
Fair enough
Grab 100 dust bags to increase Vince's health.
You can activate switches and so on with X.
Walking along the upper railing.
Jump into the blades to kill yourself and make flour.
The flour bag can be used to weigh the scales down and open the door.
You'll need to get this monster to move out of your way.
These gator guys are much tougher.
Jumping back to the top.
Using the Chainsaw Voodoo Power.
Wailing on gigantic frogs.
Vince can also float to the ground when he needs to.
Use this rocket to set yourself on fire.
Keep the fire going by lighting gas valves to explode the fuel pumps.
The fuel pumps give you fuel to fill the steamroller with.
And you can progress to the next area.
You'll need to play the trumpet to get into the museum.
Using another Voodoo Power.
Wearing a Mardi Gras Mask.
Collecting more beads.
Gliding with the mask.